October 6, 2014 Of Conferences and Conferencias

Two Sister Bakers!

Sometimes I try to be all Shakespearean and poetic and whatnot, but it just doesn´t go over like I plan. But it´s all good in the hood because this week was full of conferences! 

But really. We had a multi-zone conference here in Caicó with zones from the cities of Souza and Mossoró. It was pretty great. Basically entirely about the Book of Mormon. It was like a little friendly reminderly pat on the head to use the Book of Mormon more. And it´s all good in the hood because the Book of Mormon IS AMAZING. Ok. Let´s just look at the deets here about the Bible (which I loove too.) The Bible is super old and has been translated many many times from its language of origin. For those that study languages, the phrase "lost in translation" actually means something. Because switching from one language to another, you loose a little bit of the meaning. It´s sad, but true. And with all those various translations of the Bible, not only has some of the meaning been lost, but actual books in the Bible have been lost. Pretty sad stuff, y´all. I mean, this world is rough and we all need the Lord´s help. Sometimes things get complicated and we just need Heavenly Father to simplify stuff for us. Welllllllll. That´s why He sent the Book of Mormon! To back up what´s written in the Bible! Primarily in testifying of the divine ministry and mission of the Savior Jesus Christ. For anyone that´s read the Book of Mormon it´s absolutely clear who is the focus of the book: Jesus Christ. If you´ve never read or even laid eyes on a copy of the Book of Mormon, a sista can hook you up :)

Whoooohoooo! I just love the Book of Mormon because I love my Savior! Read it, live the priciples! And you´ll be happy!

Okie dokie. 

And now the big daddy-o of conferences happened this week too! GENERAL CONFERENCE! So, here´s the thing. God still calls prophets and twice a year the prophets and apostles speak to us. How awesome is that?! Ok. I´ll tell you: super amazingly awesome. And this session of general conference was especially great. I´ve heard many people say that we should come to conference with questions in our hearts and minds, and they will be answered. So, being the last general conference I will attend as a missionary (*trunky sniffle*) I decided to put that bad boy to the test! I wrote down quite a few questions, some much more important than others, and waited for the Lord to answer them. And guess what?! He did! That was soooo cool. Definitely going to have questions from this GC until the eternities. But even more than that, the last session of GC we had quite a few of our investigators watching. I just hoped and prayed they weren´t lost. Because you know there´s a vocabulary that exists in the church that´s a bit different than that of the world. But I prayed that someone would say something that would help them (Luna, Ronaldo, Sámela) individually. And thennnnnnnnnnn... Elder Bednar came along!! For those who didn´t watch the conference, his talk was about why we as members of the church spread the gospel. To sum it up: it´s because we´ve all been hurt spiritually in one way or another and have been healed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We want everyone to experience the same healing we have. But watch the talk. Elder Bednar is much more inspired and eloquent that I am. But that´s why I´m here on a mission. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Not because I think it´s way rad to walk a billion miles a day. Not to be annoying and invite everyone to church. Not because I like to use lots of sunscreen every day. It´s because of Him and I want everyone else to have the same experience.

And now I´m excited for the Liahona (a magazine) to come out with all the talks so I can study them! 

But that´s the way the cookie crumbled this week, folks!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you!
Sister Baker

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