March 24, 2014 Once Upon a Mission

There's Baker Street! Gotta love it!

Sister A and Sister B :)

Yayyy water falls!!!

Sister Palmer and I got evicted from our home. Yep. That happened. We were living with a recent convert named J (super sweet lady...) who just finalized her divorce. Like the day we got there. She told us all sorts of stories about how awful he is and stuff. So yeah. Then a few weeks ago she told us that they're getting back together, but not for a few weeks so we have time to find another place to live. Ok, cool. Then last Monday we got a text message from our housing coordinator telling us that J's husband would be back on Thursday and that we needed to be moved out. Uhh... what?? 

So all day Tuesday we were packing and moving while trying to do missionary work at the same time. It was great. And my great I mean a bit overwhelming. But it's all good because now we're living with some other members named the Ms. They're the bomb.com. I wish we could live with them permanently, but their son comes back from college and stays with them. So when he comes home we would have to move out, then back in when he leaves. And that's a lot of work. But Sister M is amazing. And hilarious. She was telling us about her son E and how fantastic he is. 

Sister Mink: "He's so Christ-like he'll give you the shoes off his feet. And I bought him some of those nice Doc Martins. Those babies aren't cheap! I mean, he lives a Christ-like life, but I finance a Christ-like life."

Bah! What a riot! So we come home and she asks us all these questions about how our day went because she missed us. Such a doll. 

Ok. Besides moving we had an AWESOME lesson with the J family. We asked (invited ourselves over) to teach a lesson, which turned into us having dinner with them as well. Then their daughter A decided to invite some friends to the lesson. She invited two friends, and one came! She even came to dinner as well! Her name is H and is super awesome. She has a lot of questions about the church, and we taught her the Restoration. As we taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision he eyes got all big and we could just see wheels turning in her head. And the Spirit was super strong so I'm sure things are going on up in her noggin. She committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to meet with us again! Whoohoo!

I can't believe this is my last week in Takena ward. Goodness I just love this ward so much! And it's cool because I'm fairly sure the ward loves us as much as we love them! Sister Palm-Palm and I have connected well with the YW. They're sad that I'm leaving. Bah! Why does everyone always talk about me leaving?! It's like rubbing dirt in the wound. I feel like my OSM Mission is dying and my Brazil Natal Mission is going to be born. Don't judge for the analogy. #hatersgonnahate

Umm.. what else happened this week?

Sister Palm-Palm and I spoke in church about basically our conversion stories. It went really well! Especially considering we didn't have a lot of time to prepare. Hurrah for the Spirit! 

Us and the elders taught the youth last night how to use technology to spread the gospel. We taught about Facebook. It's unfortunate that not all the youth have a FB page, because they would totally rock it. 

And Sister Palm-Palm and I are working on an album. Like a musical album. You see, we have this talent. We can make songs up on the spot and somehow they turn out to be pretty good. I'm not sure how that goes. But the album goes as follows:

1. Testify

2. The Glory of the Tender Moments

3. I Wanna Be Sister Baker

4. Aubri is a Missionary

5. Doing the Eviction Dance

It's still a work in progress. We have one week left to complete it, so the pressure is on! Also, our band name is the BonPeach Effect. Artsy, eh? (does that sound Canadian?) But it's a combination of our codenames that I'm not supposed to tell you, but I'm telling you anyway. Mine is BonQuifa and her's is Princess Peach. There. I said it!

Also, I went on exchanges with Sister A up in Salem! She's awesome! And mom- she said you talked to her mom or something?

Anywho, we've got to get going. We crashed the Salem Zone's P-day and went up to Silver Falls, so we've got to skedattle. (That's why I'm emailing later.)

Kay, love ya!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Spread the gospel!


Sister Baker

March 17, 2014 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Some of the best YW this side of the Mississippi! Goodness I love those girls! We take them out with us all the time!!

We love to make silly faces!

Really bad lighting, but Sister S and her daughter. Raine is the bomb-diggity and wanted to come tracting with us! :)

Hey there erryone!
It's been another great week in the OSM. I love it here. It's going to be so hard to leave! Bah! I don't even want to think about it. But everyone is always bringing it up. I guess it's to make me feel loved, but I either get sad or become a trunky monkey. Not good either way!
So Takena ward is trucking right along. I think the members are still a little bit in shock that they have both elders and sisters, and get to put us both to work. But we all work well together and get stuff done. We're all still struggling with finding people to teach, though. I think I talked about that last week. But any finding done by our own efforts is next to a waste of the Lord's time. It's like every time we think, "let's go tracting or street contacting" the Spirit says, "stop wasting time". So we've almost taken a stand on no tracting. I mean unless the Spirit tells us to go knock on a specific house. But that's different. So for us that means more planning and a lot more effective member missionary work.
We've been teaching the members a lot this week. Sometimes we teach the actual lessons, and sometimes just talk about the roles of members and missionaries in the work of salvation. It's great to see the enthusiasm of these members! I just love it! They are so eager to do the Lord's work, but just need direction. I mean, that's really all of us. Even as missionaries we have to rely on the Spirit 100% because it's not our work to do. And when we think we know what's best, that's when the problems happen. So in these lessons with members we've been leaving them commitments, like most missionaries do. But we've been following up with the families! Growing up I remember the missionaries asking us to do stuff, and I would want to do it, but just forget. And we never had missionaries call back (to my knowledge) and see how everything is going. So I definitely think that has thrown the members for a loop. But I'm excited to see what will come of it!
We also had stake conference this week. That was AWESOME. Seriously. The Lebanon stake rocks. And I even got to see some members from Sweet Home! That was great. The whole thing was about hastening the work of salvation. There were several recent converts that spoke and were not only inspired with their remarks, but inspiring. I especially liked what was said about family history. I don't know a whole lot about family history, but that's definitely something I want to get into when I get home. There's also a snazzy music video on lds.org called "Find Our Cousins" that Sister Palm-Palm and I ADORE. It's a bit cheezy, but it will get stuck in your head in a good way. And who doesn't like cheese?! We've showed/talked about it to some members and they love it. One sisters watched it after we left from dinner and sent me a message on FB about how much she loved it and is so excited to get to finding her cousins! The Spirit of Elijah, folks. It's amazing!! Soooooo, go find your cousins!
There's one famiily that we're teaching. I just need to bring it to the attention of everyone of how fantastic this family is. #forealz Sister T is less-active, married to a non-member, and has 3 sons. Seriously the cutest family and such fantastic kids. After our first lesson (the Restoration) we asked the kids if they had any questions. The oldest son said, "I just have something to say. That. Was. Awesome!" So this week we taught them about prayer and the song "A Child's Prayer". They even have a piano and Sister P plays well so it was great. Music brings the Spirit so strongly! And those boys are just wonderful. So close to the Spirit. Bah! I just love 'em! And after we leave every time Sister T texts us to thank us for coming. She's awesome.
Let's see... any fun details from this week?
We met a less-active in the ward who was baptized because he lost a bet. Yep. You heard that right. He had been meeting with the missionaries for a long time so one of the missionaries bet that Bro G couldn't bench press more than he could. And Brother G lost the bet. So here we are working with them. Their family is great, though. We're going to be doing family home evening with them next week and I'm super stoked!
There's a member of the ward named Sherm S. We refer to him as "my boy Sherm." He's always looking out for us sisters and doesn't care for the elders. He's in charge of the building maintenance and we share it with a few other wards, so there are missionaries in the building pretty frequently. He's always getting on their case about locking us out when we have district meeting, not inviting us to meetings they're having, etc. It's pretty entertaining. And he always goes in for a hug. Sister Palm-Palm and I just stand there awkwardly like "No... Stop. Sherm. Stop. No. No hugs." Oh bless his heart. But he just bends over backwards for us. #sisterperks
Also, I just love the Book of Mormon. I want to study it all day erry day! Want to know why it's so great?! Well I'm SO glad you asked! You can ask the missionaries! They can help you!
Jokes. But seriously. The Book of Mormon's primary purpose is to teach and testify of Jesus Christ. It teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ so simply and plainly that even children can understand it. Go pick it up and read it. It will change your life.
Well, that's all for this week folks.
Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Preach the gospel!
Help hasten His work!

Sister Baker


March 10, 2014 A Week of Reprovement

Haystack Rock--the Mission Symbol for The Savior.  The rock is huuuuge! 100 feet from the beach.

Samuelians and haystack rock!
The Sisters at Haystack Rock
Howdy Errybody!
So this week has been crazy awesome! Like the epitome of a spiritual smackdown!

It started out on Tuesday with MLC. For one reason or another we arrived at the mission home late and started late. Not good. The Lord reproved us for that. Like a lot. You'll find that the lesson I learned this week is that I need to step up my game. Yeah so we started MLC with a little bit of training and whatnot then President Samuelian really laid the smackdown. And by President I mean the Lord. Really President was just His mouthpiece. It's great how that works through the priesthood authority. Basically we as a mission and especially as mission leadership need to step up and be better in every aspect of the work. So that was really eye-opening and humbling. I definitely see how there are so many things that I need to be better at in order to accomplish the Lord's purposes and to be an instrument in His hands.

Tuesday we actually got to go out to Haystack Rock!! It was an amazing experience. Very, very spiritual place. As a mission the Rock has become almost a sacred place. It's our mission symbol for the Savior. He is our Rock and everything we do is based upon faith in Him. We had time to go off by ourselves and think about the fears and the sins we hold onto, write them down, then symbolically bury them at the feet of the Savior. President even got down in the sand and dig a really deep hole in his suit.

That night was our counsel and it was ... rough. Everyone just started talking about different issues and it didn't seem to be going anywhere. I was confused as to the problem we were trying to solve. We counseled (I don't know if it's council or counsel...) for probably 3 hours and didn't get anywhere because it wasn't done by the Spirit. That was very apparent. So at about 9-something we decided that instead of playing dodgeball in the morning for exercise, we would use that time to work through the issues at hand. I still wasn't even sure what we were addressing. But the next morning we all came together, petitioned for the guidance of the Spirit, and worked in unity. We were able to lay out the problem (we called it our "opportunity" instead of "problem") and what exactly needs to be done in less than an hour. Definitely a tender mercy of the Lord and once again, I learned how we can't do ANYTHING without the Lord. Like nada. Tuesday night we tried to address the opportunity by the understanding of men, while on Wednesday morning we sought the Lord's will for His mission. That morning was nothing short of a miracle.

Thursday we had the Lebanon and Salem zones come together for zone conference! I loooooooove zone conference. A whole bunch. I got to see the sisters that Sister P and I serve. They sure do rock. So we got another spiritual smackdown / reproving from the Lord. Sister Samuelian was teaching us about the righteous desires of our hearts, then President commented (like he usually does), but then shifted into almost the same reproving we got at MLC. Well... not so much the same. It was all done by the Spirit, so I guess that's the same. But he quoted Bruce R. McKonkie (don't know how to spell that...) when he was talking about those that inherit the Terrestrial Kingdom. A part of that group is the lukewarm members of the church! Yikes! Lukewarm missionaries become lukewarm members. I don't know about you, but I want all the Heavenly Father wants me to have, and I know that I can't get it anywhere but the Celestial Kingdom. We all need to have more passion about the work and doing God's will. I definitely have a lot to work on. So when President was done he looks at Sister S, then she turns and says, "Ok, any questions?" Bah! I love them!! They crack me up. So then after lunch Sister P and I were supposed to do some training, but pretty much everything we were going to say was already covered. It's funny how the Spirit works. But repetition is important. We have to learn things 7 times in 7 different ways in order for something to stick. So it was all good. 

So Sister Palm-Palm and I got to spend a good chunk of the week with the Samuelians! What a tender mercy! They're the bomb.com. I told Prez that he has to stop talking about me leaving. But he's excited to talk to you on the phone, mom and dad! He's brought it up a few times. So I'm pretty stoked about that :)
Look what Sister B loved from her care package from home!!

We also went on an exchange with the Brownsville Sisters! So much fun! I got to be with Sister H again, who is such a champ. 
Look what Sister B took to share with Sister H!!!  Gotta share the  love of Chick-fil-A Sauce!!!

So I've got a lot of things to stew on from this super-intense week. I love it! I'm learning more about Paul the Apostle. I want to be like him. He's awesome. 

Ok, Mom, I looooove your long detailed emails! And dad's! Tell dad to keep up with his repenting! He's on the right path!
Yes I would love those Portuguese books. Also if you feel inclined to send some more CFA sauce I wouldn't object. I may or may not be through with the first one. Sister Palm-Palm had never had it, so naturally I had to share. I'm mailing home two boxes today with warm winter stuff. Do you want anything from here for me to send to you? What's your t-shirt size again? I want to get you an Oregon shirt!

I didn't feel an earthquake.

I don't have to pay baggage fees which is a tender mercy!

Our car, named Henry, won the clean car award at zone conference. It definitely wasn't because he's brand new or anything. We gave an impromptu acceptance speech at zc. Went a little somethin' like this: "we would like to thank Henry for his sleek lines, and also Elder Larson for providing us with this new car." Good times, good times.

Sorry I don't have time to specifically answer the rest of your questions because I'm going to try to send pictures.

At MLC we talked about 3 Nephi 3 and the awesome leadership of Lachoneus. I'll have to tell you about the amazing vision Pres. Sam had of the stripling warriors. And when I say vision I mean legit vision. It will make your knees buckle.

Alright kiddos - keep it real until next week.

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker over and out!
p.s. I told that to the Samuelians as we were leaving from Zone Conference and she said that's what Nicole Pikus Pace said when she won an Olympic medal! Ha!

March 3, 2014 Once Upon A Time...

Sister Baker got called to Brazil. But surprise, surprise- no visa. So then that little missionary lady headed off to the Oregon Salem Mission to save souls. She worked there for 7 months, with no word on the visa. Then this past Thursday, an amazing man by the name of President Samuelian called to share some bittersweet news. THE VISA ARRIVED!

Yep. Cray cray. I know some of you already know about that, but I needed to share the story. It's funny because a few days into our companionship Sister P realized that I would get my visa this transfer. You see, she has a gift. That gift is called not having companions for complete transfers. She's had comps for 3,4,5 weeks, and I was hoping to beat her record! I guess I sort of did because we got wind of my visa at two weeks. But I'll be staying here in the oh-so-lovely OSM until April 8th. Then I'll be going back to the MTC for 2 weeks of intense language training. I'm excited/nervous for that. You can be sure that my language studies this week have gotten a lot more meaningful now that there's an actual deadline and whatnot. I plan on speaking NO ENGLISH in the Brazil MTC. We'll see how that goes. 

So other than that crazy shenanigans that has been ten months in the waiting, things have been pretty mellow over here. We've been taking out the Young Women with us quite a bit and they are loving it. They're rocking the tracting because that's what we have to do until we have people to teach. We're also working on having members of the ward introduce us to the less-actives they work with. Hopefully that will all go well. The thing about finding through tracting is that it's not very effective. Everyone knows that, but it's like the bread and butter of missionary work and when we break the news to members that we won't be allowed to tract soon we can see the shock on their faces. I've heard of missions already banning tracting. And then when we do tract and find new investigators, they're never home when we come back. Pretty frustrating, but c'est la vie. Or isso e a vida. I don't know. Cut me some slack, I've been out of practice for quite some time. But yeah, the ward here is AMAZING. Like bomb-diggity. So we're trying to work more closely with the members in every facet of the work. It's definitely a work in progress and considering we're opening a new area it's a lot of work to do. 

Yeah so not a whole lot going on. We taught maybe like 3 lessons this week. Pretty rough. (you European missionaries stop rolling your eyes) But things are trucking along. 

We had dinner last night at the M Family's house. Awesome family. Brother M served in Japan and he made super yummy sushi. And during diner we had a really thought-provoking conversation about forgiveness (he's the district attorney). Then after the younger kiddos took us to show us their playroom. Ok. This playroom was like a play-mansion. Or more like the playroom of my dreams, complete with hidden tunnels, slides, and a ball pit. And this was all in the house when they moved in! So cool! Sister P and I had a lot of fun and worked off a bit of our rice cheeks from the sushi. 
Yummy sushi from the M Family!!!!

This upcoming week is full of meetings. Tuesday AND Wednesday are MLC. Usually it's just Tuesday, but we're going to Haystack Rock! I'm so excited!!!! Then Thursday is zone conference, and Saturday we're probably going to be doing a double exchange into Brownsville. Meaning Sister P and I get to go in there with the sisters and take the town by storm. Divide and conquer sort of thing. Sister P really feels like it's something we need to do and I don't necessarily feel anyhing either way. It's just that Brownsville is not exactly a hopping place, so it's going to take a lot of faith to see miracles there. But it's going to happen!

So that's pretty much the low-down of minha vida (I've got to start using minha lingua mais!). 

Keep the faith.
Follow the prophet.
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

February 27, 2014 Surprise!!! Visa Has Arrived!

Guess who's going to Brazil?!?! THIS MISSIONARY!
Can you believe it? I can't really. So President found out about five
minutes ago that my visa is here and that I will be flying out of
Atlanta on April 8th. So I'm staying with Sister P until the end
of the transfer then they'll put me in a temporary companionship until I leave. President also said that he wants me to come on all the
little excursions they do for departing missionaries because I've been here for so long. Then I have to go back into the MTC for two weeks for an intensive language training. That will be... Interesting, being back in the MTC. I guess I get to experience both MTCs which will be cool! So many adventures! And President Samuelian told me that when I get engaged I will have to call him. I told him he won't be President anymore because it will be a while.

But that's pretty much what's up! Now we've got a crazy awesome busy schedule for today so I'm off!

Love you!
Sister Baker

February 24, 2014 Life is Good!

Sister P and Me!

Hello Hello! 

How are things in your neck of the woods?! 

Life is just trucking along over here in Takena. Not a lot of teaching, but good things still happening. Since we are a new area, we don't have much as far as potential and former investigators to try and contact, but we do what we can with what we have. We are over the northern part of the ward and the elders live in the southern part, so when they did cover this area they didn't come up here much because they would have to ride their bikes up a huge hill. Don't blame them. But now we're doing a lot of finding. It's pretty fun. 

Let me tell you about a little birdie I know. Her name is Sister P. And she just so happens to be my companion. She's one funny chica! She's been joking all week (and from the sounds of it her whole mission) that when she gets home she's going to go less active. The main motivation? She doesn't want to be called as relief society president. I think that's pretty valid. So when we go to doors and they have established ways of getting out of answering the door (like no doorbell), she saves that for future use as a less active so people can't track her down. But it's a joke. Just so we're clear. Jokes.

Once upon a time Sister Baker and Sister P were looking for people on a list the Relief Society President had given them. One particular name may or may not have lead them to a construction zone that they didn't know was a construction zone. Here's how it went down. There was this electric gate fence thingy that was on the road to the house of the person we were going to visit, and luckily there was a truck in front of us that opened the gate. So we followed this mack-daddy truck to find out that it was just a bunch of dirt roads not leading to any houses, but to a huge parking lot, an office building, and building supplies. Uhhh.. Yikes. So we whip it around in the parking lot and take off down a different dirt road hoping it will lead us out the other end of the street that doesn't exist at this point. Yeah that didn't work. So we face shame and went back the direction we came in and hurrah for Israel there was another truck leaving. He just sat in front of the number press thingy and waited for us to do something. Well we waited longer. He eventually opened the gate, drove out and we followed right behind him out to the main road. It was a little freaky getting stuck inside there. And that's the end of the story.

Ok miracle time!!! The young women in this ward adore us. No joke. They're basically the reason we are here and are uber excited to come out with us. Even tracting! Yeah, I know. Those crazies. I've never been told so many times in my life that I'm an answer to prayer. It brings the warm fuzzies, ya know? But anyway we brought one of the yw named R with us tracting one night. A few nights earlier I got the impression to put in my bag a family proc. But that night we found two potential investigators and I gave away that family proc! It was sooooo cool because it was the last door we knocked on and before the door was even open I knew this was who it was for. And when the woman started talking I felt it progressively get stronger. So I did and she was super duper excited to have it and read it. She's devout catholic, so we might not be teaching her anytime soon, but I know she'll feel the spirit when she reads it.

Alrighty have a great week folks!
Do good!
Remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Sister Baker

February 21, 2014 Sister Training Leader Letter

21 February 2014

Dear Sister Kaitlin Elizabeth Baker,

Congratulations on your new calling as a Sister Trainer Leader in the Oregon Salem Mission!  This honor and responsibility comes to very few sisters in the entire mission.

No other calling, other than training a new missionary, will have more importance while serving the Lord.  As a Sister Trainer Leader you will be responsible for the training and welfare of female missionaries assigned to you. You will be a member of and participate in, the new Mission Leadership Council (MLC).  Sister Training Leaders will continue to proselyte and will also spend time each week training and evaluating the needs of female missionaries. You will report directly to the Mission President on the needs of sister missionaries. You will also work closely with Sister Samuelian as part of your new duties.

Your parents and priesthood leaders will also receive a copy of this message. To them we say how thankful we are for sending this great sister to us, and know that your hopes and dreams will in great measure be fulfilled in their service.

The call to leadership is best done by example. Those you serve will watch you and will desire to become like you. This will require you to be faithful, diligent and most importantly, loving in all you do.

Your calling comes through inspiration and qualification from your Father in Heaven. It is a sacred trust given to you, from Him.  Know also of my trust and gratitude for your willingness to accept and fulfill this calling.

With Love,

President Samuelian

February 17, 2014 Oh Hay Hay!

So remember that one time that I thought I was staying in Salem YSA for a while? Ha! Yeah me too! Today was transfer day and I am in a new area. Yes, for those of you keeping count, this is my fourth area in five transfers. It's pretty crazy, but I love the sporadic yet uber stable life of a missionary!

Now I'm back in the Lebanon zone (same zone as Sweet Home) in a city called Albany in the Takena ward. This ward has been praying and asking for sisters for a long time and they even sent President a 5 page letter requesting sisters. So they're pretty excited to have us!
And we're super excited to be here! I've also been called as a sister
training leader so it will be a fun challenge to serve the sisters
here. As for my last comps, Sister. P is in Newberg so she can
be closer to the mission home because she's basically an AP STL.
President calls her an APW: an assistant to the President's wife. He's a hoot. And now Sister A is training a new missionary!! I know right! Pick your jaw off the floor now. She's been out for 6 weeks and she's training. Yep, she's amazing. So now my new companion is Sister P and she's from Newcastle, Colorado. She's a rock star and I love her. I got to know her a little bit when I was in North Marion. As for our area, we don't have a phone yet so that's a struggle, but we've planned to meet the ward mission leader, the bishop, and the relief society president today and tomorrow. They all sound awesome.

Even though I'm not in Salem anymore I have to give some updates on what happened this past week.

Let's start it off with our investigator W. He's already prayed
about the Book of Mormon and he knows it's true!! He came to church this Sunday so we're continuing to work with him towards baptism.

Then there's B.  Oh what a change he's made since I've been there! He understands the nature of God now and really has a testimony! I'm going to miss that guy. He and C came to the transfer meeting today and B cried a fake tear as I left. That's probably as emotional as he ever gets, so that's a pretty big deal.

Sister A has a feisty alter-ego. Her name is Nella. And mine is
named BonQuifa.

Our branch president gave us flowers for Valentine's Day! And our ward mission leader gave us all pepper spray! To say that I've been well taken care of here in the YSA Branch is an understatement.

The best Valentine's Day gift ever = mace from your Ward Mission Leader. That would be Tyler Chase, on the right side.

We've been teaching an investigator named S and his girlfriend
A. He's super prepared and this week we taught the Plan of
Salvation. He was literally on the edge of his seat during the lesson
and when the other people that were there would start to get off topic he would bring it back immediately. He's a champ.

The other night we did some pretty fun tracting in an apartment
complex and when one door opened, the lady looked at us and said, "Oh, I am SO not in th mood for you guys right now." Then proceeded to slam the door. It would have been fine except for her poor kitty that was in the doorway, but that didn't seem to deter her. That poor, poor kitty. Getting its head slammed in the door.

We've also been teaching this guy named K. Those lessons sure are interesting. The way he interprets things boggles my mind. For instance, he told us that we can strengthen our faith by going to
Disneyland. When we're at Disneyland we go on rides and make sure to put on the safety harnesses and that strengthens our faith. Uhh... Ok.
Some other highlights include him telling us about how he looks into
the sun in ten second intervals and the other day how he was sitting
on a cloud. I'm not even making this stuff up, people! He was totally

I also got a blessing from my zone leader on Friday. I'll email a
little more about that tomorrow because I only got half an hour today.

But I love you all! Do good! Remember who you are and what you stand

Sister Baker

First up is my old district in Salem. Minus Sister P.

Love you Mama Chisholm!!

Look at all those sheepies!!
All of us with B. Who is pretty rad. Yup. This pretty much sums it up nicely.