November 17, 2014 Milagres Sao Reais

Hey ya’ll.

I hope everything’s going well in your neck of the woods. In Charlotte I hear
we¥ve got some rain, and it¥s probably pretty drizzly in Oregon. I mean...
It¥’s Oregon. Gotta love it :) Not gonna lie, I miss me a good sweatshirt every
now and then. But you want to know how it's going here in Caico? I’m sure you

It’s HOT and SUNNY. Pretty normal. Haha. It’s hot and sunny pretty much every
day here. And it doesn’t rain a whole lot. In fact, Caico (and from what I
understand a big part of Rio Grande do Norte) is going through a pretty rough
drought season. It’s causing a lot of people to go without water for days and
days at a time, and wreaking havoc on the farms. So the Brazil Area Presidency
asked all the members here in Brazil to fast for rain in the places that are
going without, and for the rain to stop where there are a lot of floods
happening.  We started our fast Saturday afternoon, and ended Sunday
(yesterday) when we had lunch. It was cool to feel united with all of Brazil
for a really important purpose. And now, who wants to know what happened


Yesterday, about 5 or 6, we were walking to the church to talk to Bishop, when
I felt a little somethin¥somethin¥ fall on my arm. I was so happy to 1. see
that it wan¥t bird poop and 2. see that it had started to rain!!!! Not to
mention the fact that the rain caused me to slip and fall pretty hard and hurt
my bum, but it¥s all good in the hood. IT RAINED IN CAIC”!! And I¥m confident
that it¥s going to rain more this week. Help out those struggling crops and
fill up those resevoirs, ya know.

In other news, we started teaching this man named Edgar. He¥s pretty stellar.
He¥s actually Cesar¥s neighbor (the man that went to church last week
unexpectedly). We had some trouble reaching Cesar at home because he was
always leaving to go to work and whatnot, so we started talking to Edgar
outside on the sidewalk. Actually, I shouldn¥t say sidewalk. It¥s actually a
sand-walk. The conversation started out pretty typical. We started explaining
about the church and he just sat there nodding and saying, "I know". Hmmm. Not
exactly a good sign.
Generally means that the person isn’t understanding anything. So we tried to
help him understand, but it just wasn’t working. I didn¥t even know what to
do, but I got a little frustrated thinking, "Oh great. We lost a half-hour
working talking to this guy that doesn’t even understand and doesn¥t want to."
Yeah I woke up on the sassy/bad missionary/ungrateful side of the bed that
morning. But then sternly called myself to repentance and was like, "Whooooah
buddy. Stop that right now! Where is your faith?!?! If you don¥t believe that
he¥s going to accept what you¥re teaching, than of course he won¥t! You gotta
belieeeeeve young grasshopper." So then we taught Edgar about baptism and he
just like lit up. He got so excited and was like, "I want to go to your
church! I want to go take a bath!" (sometimes that¥s how people describe
baptism by immersion) So my homeboy Edgar was super stoaked to go to church
and to "take a bath." We arranged for a member to pick him up Sunday morning,
but when the member passed by noone was home and everything was all locked up.
Weird. So then we passed by and the neighbor said that Edgar was so excited to
go to church and got impatient waiting that he found someone to give him a
ride to church. AHH! And when we got to church, we saw dear sweet Edgar
sitting there in elder’s quorum, soaking everything in. How precious. He
didn’t even drink coffee yesterday because we told him not to. Like we didn’t
even teach the Word of Wisdom or anything, we were just like, "hey. don¥t
drink coffee. it’s bad for you." and he didn’t because he remembered what we
had said. So that was awesome!!

And the Relief Society threw an awesome baby shower for Luna! I think she’s
going to have her c-section this week, so a bunch of women in the ward donated
diapers. So it was more like a baby diaper shower.

I¥m loving it here in Caico. The people here are awesome. It¥s just a great
place to preach the gospel!

This morning a read President Uchtdorf’s talk from April General Conference,
Don’t Sleep through the Restoration. It’s so true! Don’t be asleep during
these amazing days that the Lord has given us to prepare the earth for the
Second Coming of the Savior! We’ve all got to do our part and then we’ll be
happy. It’s pretty simple. Serve the Lord = happiness!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you all!
Sister Baker

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