January 5, 2015 A Brand New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Hope this year will be great for all. Lots of happiness and joy and bubbles and sharing the gospel and happiness and cookies and family time and happiness.

Want to know how our New Year went?

I´m sure you do.

So on New Years Eve to celebrate, we got ice cream and Coke with the elders in the ward. Guava ice cream is some gooooooood stuff. #justsayin Then we got home at 9. As usual. Planned for the next day, then decided we would have a rede (hammock) New Year´s party. We´ve all got our own redes and put them in the biggest room in our house. It looked cool to see all the redes hanging off the walls. But I actually can´t sleep through the night in a rede, so I pulled in my mattress to the party. I´m not a party pooper, I promise. Then at like 10:15 I was out. SO TIRED. There I was, just sleeping there on the mattress in our living/study/exercise/rede room and I wake up to all these explosions and the sisters in the house running back and forth near my feet. But I was just like, #whatevs. Sooooo. What had happened was.... At midnight everyone and their hairdresser´s brother´s dog started shooting off fireworks. Well that woke everyone up (except me). And they looked outside to see them. Lo and behold there´s a family of members that live behind our apartment building who saw the sisters and were like "Happy New Year!! Are you guys hungry? Want barbecue? Want coke? We´ve got some salad too! Want that??" So I woke up to a New Year´s surprise of barbecue and coke. That was sweet.

Other than that, the assistants were in our zone for the week. Fun times were had all around. They even tried to help us out with a baptism. We have been teaching this girl named Maria Eduarda for a few weeks, but her mom didn´t want her to get baptized. We talked to her a bunch to try and let Maria Eduarda be baptized but she just wouldn´t let her. (I still don´t understand why... Her excuses didn´t make sense.) But when the assistants were here we asked them to talk to her. So they did and she decided to let her be baptized! We arranged everything to be on New Years Day at 4 o´clock. Then we got a phone call from Maria Eduarda that was like, "Hey sisters, my mom actually took me out to the family farm in the middle of nowhere that´s a few hours away. I don´t think the baptisms going to work for today." Uhhh.... So mama bear decided that she didn´t want to let her be baptized the next day. Yeah, that was a bummer, but I know it will all work out in the end. She´ll keep going to church and get baptized one of these days (or years).

In other news... LUNA HAD HER BABY!!! So we didn´t know what was happening with Luna until Friday. We had been going by there a few times a week to talk to her and see how she was doing, but never got a response. Then Friday we went by and knocked and she was like, "I have my phone in my hand because I was just about to call you to come over!" Yup. Divine timing, that´s for sure. So we got to talking with her, help bring up her spirits. Then Sister Leonard was like, "Do you want a massage? I hear there´s a way to start labor with a foot massage!" And Luna´s like, "Heck yes!!" So Sister L gave her a foot massage and I did a fancy braid in her hair. Then Saturday she had her baby! It was totally the foot massage that did it. But her baby´s name is Francielton and he is so stinkin´cute!! 

Even though we´re not baptizing as much as we were before, we´re working super hard and waiting for blessings from the Lord. It´s cool to see how the Lord works in the small and simple things and it always works out in the end.

Have a great week!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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