October 20, 2014 Batismo! Batismo! Batismo!

Heyalll. That´s short for hey y´all. For all you haters of the word y´all, it´s super useful because there doesn´t exist a different word for the plural form of "you". #justsayin´ It´s one of the magical inventions of the south that I´ve adapted. 

But in other words, this week was pretty fantastic... because.... RONALDO GOT BAPTIZED! 

Ok. I just love this man. He´s so great. He looks a bit scary, but he´s just a papa teddy bear. By that I mean he´s just a loving dad.

So this is what went down. 

Ronaldo was progressing very well. Reading the Book of Mormon. Praying for a response. (which we all know he´ll get! :) ) Living the commandments. Going to church. 

Except that... Mama Bear is super duper exceptionally catholic and just happens to trip up the spirit that likes to testify of the truths of the restored gospel. Oh, Irene. She´s just a hoot. She basically marked Ronaldo´s baptism then a day later was like, "he doesn´t even know what he wants, he´s already been baptized in the catholic church!" And we´re like, "whoaaaaa. deep breaths. Let´s talk this puppy out." Ronaldo was saying to us that he didn´t want to be baptized because he hasn´t gotten an answer about the Book of Mormon and he doesn´t know if the church is true. And Irene doesn´t listen/believe anything we say so if was a bit rough to resolve that one right then and there. So this is what happened. We called in the troops. Just kidding. Not troops, but other missionaries. Everyone that is baptized has to be interviewed to make sure they´re prepared. So we called in the elder to interview him. Ronaldo and the elder went to into another room to talk, while I, Sister Adriane, Irene and another elder chit-chatted. And then after a while Ronaldo and the elder came back. Ronaldo, "let´s go drink some tea? To commemorate my baptism?!?!" (don´t worry. the kind of tea that´s not against the word of wisdom) But we were all like, "Wooohooo!" 

And Ronaldo got baptized yesterday. And he LOOOOVED church yesterday. I even gave a talk about the Atonement. He said something about his blood feeling different. Haha. I think that´s his way of describing the Spirit. But his baptism was awesome with tons of members! Bishop baptized him. You´ll see in the picture the difference in size. Ronaldo is super tall and bishop is short, so Ronaldo kneeled in the water to be baptized. And next week? Dom do Espírito Santo! Gift of the Holy Ghost!

Also, this week I went on an exchange with Sister Fleming, from Alabama. She´s awesome! 

That´s the lowdown on my life right now!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Spread the gospel!

beijos e cheiros,
Sister Baker

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