January 12, 2015 One More Week!

Well, well, well. It sure has been an exciting week in this neck of the woods.
Let´s start it off with Mission Council. It was a really, really good council. President Soares focused on our relationship as missionaries with the bishops. We´ve gotta be bishop´s best friend. Luckilly here in Caicó I feel that way. Our bishop here is AWESOME. About every other training he gives in ward council is from Preach My Gospel.
So President Soares wants us all to have a meeting with bishop to resolve any problems that may exist and to help him out in what he wants to accomplish in the ward. The APs did a practice run, then President asked for volunteers. When he asked he looked directly and me and Sister Leonard for like 30 seconds straight, blinked a few times, then looked around. So we were like ... If no one volunteers he´s totally picking us. Then we just volunteered ourselves. Haha. But President really liked it apparently. So that was good. We got a shout-out from P. Soares!!
Backing up a bit, last p-day President called and asked us to do an exchange with the sisters in Ala Vila do Principe. So at MLC during lunch we picked his brain a bit, trying to figure out what exactly he wants done. Basically, he wanted us to do a mega-exchange there all week. There are two companionships, so we would be in trio the whole week working with them. When he finished explaining, he said something along the lines of, "then next week you´ll go to either Currais Novas or Seridó, depending on what they need." And I´m like, "... President, are you closing our area?" And he just looked at us and said, "Uh-huh. Basically." Well. There ya go! Our area has officially be closed. We worked in Vila do Principe last week, and this week we´re going to be with Ala Seridó. Luckilly that means we´ll be sleeping in our own house. But I´m excited!
In terms of how the exchange went, it went pretty great! I was with Sister J. Silva and Sister Carvalho (who I trained). So fun. So so fun. It´s been a while since they´ve had a baptism and this week they baptized a man named Maynard! It was awesome to see that and help a bit in the process! And this coming week they have two baptism marked! Whoohoo!
ALSO. Sunday was way cool. Like I said, we haven´t been working in our area, so we weren´t expecting anyone at church on Sunday. But when we got there, Maria Eduarda and Carlos Eduardo were there! Maria Eduarda wasn´t too much of a surprise because she gets herself to church every week, but I asked Carlos how he got to church and he said he walked alone. It´s been almost two weeks that I haven´t seen this boy and he walked to church alone! That was awesome!
So this week has been pretty great. Full of miracles and lots of progression.

I hope everyone else´s week will be just as great!
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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