November 10, 2014 Então

(clearly I need to think of clever titles, but that´s fine)


This week just flew by! I´m feeling alot better. Not melting down in the street and things like that. So that´s always a good sign.

But on the realzzzz. This week really flew by. I´m trying to think of what all happened this week...


So remember that one family that we taught? The family of the 4 Forrozeiros? That one locally famous band? 

Yeah. So we went back to teach them this week and ended up meeting the little sister, Hortensia. Just to recap, there´s mom and dad: Marcina and Jorge, and the 4 kids. One doesn´t live there and we don´t know him, the middle two boys are in that band, and baby Hortensia. Actually the youngest two are twins. So that´s pretty cool. 

But we went there are started off teaching the plan of salvation, which went over pretty well. Sometimes the Restoration doesn´t go too well with hardcore Catholics. But they were all paying attention, asking questions, and stuff. It was great! And then Mama Marcina started asking questions about the prophet, so we start talking about all that good stuff. It was just a really good lesson. Caught everyone´s attention. Especially Hortencia. So the next day we taught Marcina and Hortencia the Restoration (everyone else tuned out) and it was PERFECT. The Spirit was so strong. We brought one of the young women in the ward with us, she just so happens to know the family, and her testimony of the Book of Mormon was awesome. Hortencia was just sitting there soaking it all in. The look on her face was like, "Whoa. This all makes sense. How strange..." And at the end of the lesson, Marcina was just like, "I´m so confused!" And we´re like, "Why are you confused??" And she´s like, "Because it makes sense!" It was quite precious. But Marcina isn´t very willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, whereas Hortencia is reading and praying. She´s really awesome. We´re just working with those strong cultural ties to the Catholic Church. Hortencia said to us Saturday night, "You know, I really like you guys. And I think your religion is awesome. like really awesome. And I mean, I like it a whole lot more than the catholic church. And I see myself being a member of this church in the future. But for now I´m just going to stick with the catholic church." But don´t worry guys, she´s golden and totally getting baptized. As soon as she understands the principle of faith she´ll be asking when she can be baptized. She´s just really great.

Aaaaaaand. Yesterday Marlon and Franciele recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost and were confirmed members of the church! They were both so excited! Ok. The young women in this ward are fantastic. Even though Franciele is only 13, one of the young women got permission for her to go to seminary. And now that young woman, Shohanna, is bringing Franciele to seminary every single night. And she´s loving it! She even bore her testimony to us! Going back a bit to their confirmaitons: they both recieved beautiful blessings from the Bishop. That day bishop confirmed 5 other kids that were baptized, but Marlon and Franciele´s blessings were so different and the Spirit was really strong. Franciele´s blessing talked about how she would continue to learn and progress in the gospel. She would be a great leader in the church and one day marry in the temple. And Marlon´s blessing talked about how he would be a light to everyone around him. How he would one day serve as a full-time missionary and help thousands to know the gospel. Whoo. Pretty amazing promises for a 13-year-old and an 8 year-old. But it was so satisfying to see that happen yesterday. Definitely one of the tender mercies of the Lord. I´m excited to see them continue to progress and learn and lead and share the gospel. This family is already clinging to the gospel. Mama Simone went to the CES devotional last night and they asked if we could do a family home evening at their house. Yep! They asked us! I´m just so happy!! Love that family!

In other news, it doesn´t feel like it´s getting around Christmas time mostly because it´s super hot here. It´s messing with my brain. I´m not exactly sure how to handle it, but Sister Algayer (one of the sisters in the other ward that lives with us) has a mini Christmas tree and lights that we´re going to put up. Yay! Christmas! I´m super excited to learn all sorts of awesome Nordestino Christmas traditions!

But that´s what´s happening in this neck of the woods! Or should I say... the Caicó desert!

Remember to live the gospel, then preach it!!

Love you all!

Sister Baker

And! Remember who you are and what you stand for! (how embarrassing... I almost forgot.)

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