January 21, 2015 Chegando a Morte

Ok. So I´m here in the mission office... Writing my last email... This is kinda surreal.

Actually it half feels like another transfer. Like I´m just getting transferred to a place that´s super cold and I´ll use cute scarves and they´ll speak my native tongue....

This is the lowdown on my last week:

We were in division with the sisters in Ala Seridó this week. We switched it up almost everyday, so some days I was with Sister Algayer (my favorite Gaucha), and other days I was with Sister Ríos ( my favorite Guatemalteca).

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff to report there, but we did walk in some super hot sun! Woohooo! Nothing too new.

On Sunday, Viviany´s daughter Marcinha (Viviany is a member) was baptized. Even though she´s the daughter of a member we taught her. Dear sweet Marcinha´s baptism was so great. She was so scared of the water. So so so scared. Like she wouldn´t enter in the water past the steps. And the old bishop, Bishop Mayilson (if that´s how you spell it) baptized her. Mayilson just so happens to be a jiu-jistso instructor and is massive. So there was little Marcinha trembling at the steps of the font, with water up to her knees and big ol´ Mayilson trying to baptize her. It sounded like he was shouting the words to the baptismal prayer, and when he went to baptize her Marcinha got freaked out and wouldn´t go under the water. Soooooo. Round two. Baptismal prayer and he went to put her under the water, Marcinha let out a little shout but Mayilson just went for it and dunked her anyway. It was like "Ahhh!" *splash!* Oh my. So funny! That was a fun last baptism on the mission. 

But it´s crazy that it´s all coming to a close. I can´t really believe that this part of my life went by so fast. I learned so much! It was so awesome! I´m just excited to start to be a member missionary and help everyone know about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s cool because I started my mission with a testimony and I´m on my way to conversion. That´s my goal from here on out. I want to be fully converted. I want to live true to what I know and do what´s right in any circumstance. I´ve worked really hard these past 18 months, but the work can´t stop here. I´m excited to start working in another realm of the Lord´s work!

Always remember who you are and what you stand for! 

Preach the gospel!

Love you all,
Sister Baker

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