December 1, 2014 This week I´m thankful for....

Hey erryone!

Once upon a time I totally forgot it was thanksgiving! That is, until I got a bunch of emails about thanksgiving and saw all sorts of flyers about black friday. Can you believe that black friday has made it all the way here to Caicó?! Well.. it has. It´s a bit funny and at the same time I just shake my head.

BUT. Let us be grateful!

Número um: I´m so grateful for referrals from members! Last week was Edigar´s baptism, as you all know. And this week Cesar got baptized! A few weeks back a member brought him to church and Cesar really liked it. He accepted a baptismal date and we started teaching him and whatnot. Except that a few days later he just fell off the face of the earth. That´s when we started to teach Edigar. Oh! I just love Edigar! But this week we were over there teaching him and Cesar just showed up out of nowhere. He was like, "I´m going to church this week and I´m going to get baptized." And we´re like, "Oh yeah you are!" So that´s that. Cesar even stopped drinking during that little break that we weren´t teaching him. And when Edigar found out that Cesar was getting baptized... Oh. My. Lanta. I´ve never seen an elderly man quite that giddy. It was just great. So here´s the thing. Referrals from members are amazing! I just get so stinking excited to get any sort of referral because that means that this person has already been being prepared to recieve the gospel. Sometimes it doesn´t work out in that exact moment, but it´s more likely that it will work out than it won´t. Ok. I hope that makes sense. I think I´m forgetting English now...

I´m grateful for... Inspired leaders! This weekend was stake conference and boy oh boy it was awesome. Saturday night was all about the O.M! That is, OBRA MISSIONARIA! That is MISSIONARY WORK! The members here in Caicó are amazing. They love and care so much for other people. A member of the stake presidency spoke about how last year there were 150 baptisms in the stake and the majority of them are already less active. I could just see how that got him so sad and how he wanted so much to help those people. So the stake presidency is pushing a lot for the rescue of these members. I´m pretty excited to see how they exactly want us to work with this. Our bishop here is so so so great. I know the next ward counsel we have he´ll just lay out exactly what he wants us to get done and we´ll do it. Go and do, folks! So, yay! Inspired leaders!

I´m grateful for... recent converts and less actives. In particular, Simone, Franciele, and Marlon. Simone is such a champ. She´s the one that called us from the street to find out when church started because she was wanting to return. Yeah buddy. So she´s been wanted to have a family home evening for a while and it didn´t work out until this week. And this family home evening was awesome! She invited everyone and anyone and we did the same. So we had a good turnout! Cesar and Edigar were there, as were other recent converts and few of Edigar´s friends. I love me some noite familiares!

And last and most of all, I´m grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. Right now I´m reading in 3rd Nefi when Christ visits the Americas. It´s interesting how there´s so much unrighteousness and evil among the people before he comes, Christ calles them to repentance, some of them repent, and the wicked are destroyed. The Christ visits the people who are prepared spiritually for his coming and ministers to them. It´s a huge wake up call for all of us that soon Christ will be coming to the earth again and we need to be prepared. We need to seek His teachings and do what He says so when the destruction comes we will be spared. I know He lives and loves all of us! When we do what He says we are blessed beyond our knowledge. Then when that happens we have the obligation to share it with others! Hurrah obra missionária!

Well that´s the way the cookie crumbled this week. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ! Currently this internet cafe is freezing beyong belief so I´m feeling a bit at home :)

Love you all! Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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