December 10, 2014 Você ouviu a fofoca do céu??

Hey erryone!

Hope the Christmas season is starting off all good in the hood with you all! Because things are just rocking along here in Caicó! About three million things happened this week, you know, killing off Sister Adriane and all.

So here´s what´s up. 

I planned a surprise farewell party for her snd boy, oh boy it went over well! Let me be clear, planning any sort of surprise with someone at your side 24/7 is quite the challenge. But we involved basically the whole ward and she felt super loved. Mom, I think you got that video of all us missionaries singing random songs. We did a trunky hymn mash up. That is, the super trunky verses of the hymns all together in one song. I didn´t know what was going on, that´s why I looked lost. The other missionaries in our district planned it while we were out and about doing other things. But one lesson I learned in that ordeal- DON´T GET MIXED UP IN LIES. Goodness. It´s rough. I got myself all tripped up trying to cover up Sister Adriane´s surprise party. Luckilly she didn´t notice anything. Whoohoooo! #sucesso 

And yesterday afternoon I officially killed her off and she´s in Natal right now. Tomorrow morning she´ll be home sweet home! 

But now it´s new transfer info time! 

So... I´m still here in Caicó! Yay! Love this place! I had a few ideas of what would happen with my new companion. I had a few ideas of who might come here, but as usual, the Lord has other ideas. He does what no one else would think to do. So my new companion is Sister Leonard. She´s from Dallas, Texas, a blondie, and a hoot. SHE´S ALSO GOING HOME THIS NEXT TRANSFER. I didn´t believe it when the ZLs called. I just didn´t believe it. She was way over yonder in Alecrim (my last area) and was only there for one transfer and now she´s here! So we´re killing ourselves off here in Caicó! Last night I got to talk to her a wee bit on the phone and the first thing she said was, "Você ouviu a fofoca do céu?" Aka, "Did you hear the gossip from heaven?" (aka, revelation.) Yup, this transfer´s going to rock and we´re going to baptize! Two blondies in a Brazillian city makes for a good time. 

I still can´t believe we´re companions. . . 

But on to some other news!

Edigar´s doing great! He´s already going out with us to teach his friends. He´s inviting everyone and anyone to be baptized. 

Conselho da missão was really good! We´re focusing a lot of retaining our recent converts. All too often people are baptized and then they gradually fall away or abruptly stop coming. Of course we don´t want that to happen so we´re following up on our recent converts a lot better. And I learned with Edigar and Cesar that it´s super important to teach recent-converts immediately after baptism the importance of missionary work and get them involved. Will Edigar or Cesar go less active?? NOT ON MY WATCH. They´re already out and about, serving the Lord! Tonight Edigar´s going with us to teach his friend that he invited to be baptized. :) #lovehim

All in all, it´s been an awesome week. Even though I´m with Sister Leonard now there´s no way I´m going to get trunky. I´ve already decided. Haha. There´s too much work to do! 

Love you all!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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