December 29, 2014 Where Are You Christmas?

Why can´t I find you?? Why have you gone awayyyy?

Cinco reais for the one that can guess that movie!

But that song from the classic Christmas tale has been Sister Leonard and my theme song for this year. Like I said before, it doesn´t feel too Christmas-y here because it´s super hot and because the people here use Christmas as an excuse to drink. Of course, that´s not everyone. Members of the church - not drinking. And also those elect ones that are waiting to find the truth - not drinking. So it´s kind of like a filter to help us find those people that really want to come closer to Christ. 

We did have quite a few festivities sprinkled throughout the week. A member of our ward wanted to pay for pizza for our entire district to have a little district Christmas party. (That´s because he loves us and is awesome!) So Tuesday we all got together to eat pizza and to exchange our secret santa gifts for each other. I really liked that. There was a whole lot of love that got put into those gifts. I drew Sister Carvalho, who just so happens to be my baby girl. (As in, I trained her.) Sister C is a hard-core caipira (which is like brazillian redneck), and I was sure that she was missing the cow she got for her 15th birthday. So I (with a lot of help from Sister Leonard) made her a paper mache cow with candy inside. It was a hit! She loved it! Then Sister Ríos (who lives with us) drew me. Ok. This girl totally rocked it. She made this coffin out of cardboard, and put a sister missionary baby doll inside that looks just like me. And on the outside it says, "RIP Sister Baby". Oh Edigar. His ways are infiltrating everyone! Yeah, now everyone jokingly calls me Sister Baby. But I love it. I´ll send pics, don´t worry. 

Ok. And I have to tell the story of what just happened in this exact moment. So Elder Padgett (the ZL that works in the same ward as us) just called and was like, "Sister! Transfer calls! So you have to go to the bus station as soon as possible to see when the bus goes to Natal!" And I´m thinking, "Bahhhh. I got transfered??!?! What?!?!" Because the other day we were notified that there would be an emergency transfer and the elders were joking that I would get transfered out of here. So naturally I was thinking that I got the boot and just went silent on the phone. I think Elder Padgett got a little freaked out and decided to explain exactly what happened. Elder Gibson (the other ZL in our ward) just got called to be an assistant to the president and has to travel to Natal today. So they were asking us to stop by there to find out the times for him, but didn´t specify and left me with a heart attack. They totally did in on purpose. But it´s all fine now.


I survived the last emergency transfer of my mission!!

So I´ve been studying a lot more of the new testament, and I`M LOOOOOVING IT! Read the new testament! It´s so good. 

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you all! 

Sister Baker

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