December 15, 2014 Last Transfer…Just Do It!

That’s the new motto folks. Sister Leonard and I have decided.

So the past few days have been... interesting. Basically all that happened was
that we’re renewing our teaching pool because it’s pretty week. And when I say
pretty week I mean we only have 1 real investigator. Here in Brasil, that’s
rough. Just about everyone and anyone will listen to us (which is a blessing),
but we haven’t found anyone that is willing to come to church with us (which
is rough).

That means that I don¥t have a lot of exciting news to report in terms of
baptisms or anything.

Luna had her baby yesterday! (from what we know)

Edigar still can’t say my name. Now he calls me "Baby". Not even "Sister
Baby". Just "Baby". I try to correct him, but he has a hard time remembering.
He’s also going to church in a suit. He’s so snazzy.
So, so snazzy.

Cesar bought a white button-down shirt for church. He’s just rocking it!

So even though we¥re not having a lot of success in terms of finding,
teaching, and baptizing, our recent-converts are staying strong!

It’s fun being comps with Sister L. She’s a hoot. She’s also decided that
she’s got "a little more than a year in the mission" as opposed to going home
this transfer. Ha. So she’s going home sometime this next year.

Ok so funny story. We were walking down the street, (you know, like we
do) and there was this teenage boy just staring us down. I don¥t even know
what he was thinking but his face looked like he smelled something bad. It was
super hot so it could have been us, but I don’t think so. He was too far away.
But as soon as we were there walking by his side he started making sounds like
a turkey. I think he was trying to speak English. Apparently he thinks English
sounds like a gobbling turkey.

Tomorrow super early in the morning we’re going to be going to Natal for our
mission-wide Christmas conference. Every zone is presenting a skit so today
we¥re getting together to practice ours.

But really, not a whole lot happened this week.

Here’s to a fun-filed new week! Full of firmly committed investigators and

Love you all!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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