October 29, 2014 O Penultimo! Second to Last!

Bah! Only two more transfers in my missionary life??? I don´t believe it. Not for a minute.

This transfer I´ve turned into a killer. By that I will be killing Sister Adriane as she will be dying at the end of this transfer. Yup- we´re still rocking it here in Caicó for one more transfer! And that means that I will probably die here too! Woohoo! I like this area so it´s all good in the hood.

So this week comes with some really good news and some really bad news. 

We´ll start with the not so great news. So remember Ronaldo? Dear, sweet, fresh-out-of-the-water-baptized Ronaldo? So he was supposed to recieve the Holy Ghost this past Sunday. Except that...his wife isn´t letting him go to church. Even though he goes to the catholic mass every day with her, she isn´t letting him go to church on sundays. And it´s really sad and stressing us out because Ronaldo has a solid testimony! Aaaaaand Thayna (their daughter) knows the church is true too, but mama bear won´t let her go either. And mama bear kicked us out of their house. Not literally, but she said we can´t come back. So por favor. Pray for them. Things will go well in the Lord´s time. I mean, Jesus Christ didn´t please everyone (clearly), so this kind of thing just comes with the territory of being His representative. 

Good news! Our other GOLDEN GOLDEN GOLDEN investigator got baptized Sunday! Her little pregnant self and all! She was so excited the whole week and even did her nails for the baptism! Love her. We printed out pictures for her and gave them to her yesterday and she just about cried. And on the back of one of them she wrote her testimony. Ala Caicó, you´re looking at a future Relief Society President! 

There´s not a whole lot else to report here. As a mission, we´re all reading through the Book of Mormon before Christmas. Goodness. I love that book! Every morning when I study I just sit there reading and it´s like "ahhhhhh! hallelujah chorus!" Good stuff, good stuff. As I´m reading I´m circling the little number of all the scriptures that have profecies about Christ. And boy oh boy, there´s a lot! Not just the prophets´ testimonies of Him, but specific prophecies. It´s really eye opening to see how much the Book of Mormon teaches about His life. And it backs up what´s already been written in the Bible. How cool is that?

Alrighty gente. So read the Book of Mormon. You´ll learn more about Jesus Christ than you ever thought.

I love the gospel and I love being a missionary!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Sister Baker

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