December 22, 2014 Christmas Time

It´s starting to feel like Christmas inside of this Lan House (internet café). Wanna know why? Because the ac feels like it should be popping out snow it´s so cold. But I came prepared ... with ... a .... CARDIGAN! Never thought I would have to use one of those here, but stranger things happen every day. So I´m here in the lan house huddling over my computer, probably looking like a crazy. Oh well.

We´re all getting ready for Natal here in Missão Brasil Natal. It´s a pretty exciting season, with everyone getting ready to celebrate the birth of the Savior. It´s been interesting for me this year trying to get in the Christmas spirit, because it´s not cold and people don´t really put up Christmas decorations. But I´ve been trying to reach out with Christ-like love and serve the people here, just like He did. I´ve learned that whether or not someone accepts or appreciates what you do for them, it doesn´t matter. The fact that you reached ourside of your bubble to help someone for the better is what counts in the eternal scheme of things. 

These past few weeks have been rough for me and Sister Leonard. I said it a few weeks back, but it´s kind of odd for people to flat our reject us. Ususally they´re softer than a floppy disk and say, "se Deus quiser" (if God want´s it) or "se der eu vou" (if it works out I´ll go). But recently they´ve been like, "no way josé I`m not going". But Heavenly Father was mindful of us and blessed us with 5 people at church on Sunday! Whoohoo! It was just awesome.

Update on our recent-converts: 
Edigar: still crazy as ever. he started bringing snacks to church
Cesar: bought a white button-down shirt and is rocking it!
Luna: STILL hasn´t had her baby. We´ve gone by there a few times to try and consol her, but she´s either been sleeping or ignoring us. It´s been over a month that the doctor said she would have her baby, but the doctor would do the c-section because Luna has high blood pressure and there´s a risk she could lose the baby and her life. So please pray for her.

We had our mission Christmas conference this week, which was a blast. We left Caicó at 2 in the morning to get to Natal on time. But it was a wonderful conference and great to see everyone in the mission. I was surprised that I know so many people here! I feel like I´m still a newbie in the field sometimes when it comes to knowing other missionaries, but it was cool to see some people I know and the sisters that I used to be over. 

BUT. The funniest/most tragic part of the Christmas Conference: the entire mission got diarreah the next day because of the food! Something was left out too long and went bad and next thing you know erryone´s got diarreah. One of the elders in the district was like, "Hey. You´re going to laugh at this question, but did everyone in your house have diarreah??" Oh, elders. Bless their hearts. 

And just as a news update for Mama Baker, I´m running a 102 fever with a sore throat. Sister Soares already has put me on bed rest, and we won´t be working today. But I had to send Mama Baker her letter!

So that´s the way the cookie crumbled this week!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of Christ-like love! Because that´s what really matters!

And if you haven´t already, watch this video! It´s about how Christ Himself was actually the first Christmas present from a loving Father in Heaven.

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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