October 13, 2014 Melancias e 4 Forrozeiros

Alright boys and girls. Who wants a play-by-play (sort of) of this week? 

(I think I realize that I give y´all a play-by-play when I´m more tired than normal...)

The first few days of this week were swallowed up my conselho da missão. A lot of time in an ônibus = a super naseous (did I spell that right?) Sister Baker. True story.

But conselho was pretty great. Everyone was hardcore called to repentance. That was good. I like specific, constructive calls to repentance. It´s a lot easier to better yourself when you know exactly what you need to do. For a repentance call to the general public - Hurrah for general conference! Whoohhooo! 

The rest of this week was just pretty random.

We´re teaching this super awesome family. Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear. Or in other words Eraine, Ronaldo e Tayna. So there was another baby bear as a part of this story but she tragically passed away a little over a month ago. So right now Ronaldo  and Tayna are really open and interested in learning about the church. Eraine... Not so much. I´ll use a phrase that I hear so much here, "I´m Catholic. I was born Catholic, raised Catholic, and I´m going to die Catholic." So yeah. But she´s a hoot. Fo´ realz. The other day we just swung by, unannounced to see how they were doing and Ronaldo was like, "LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT YOU!!" He opened the trunk of his motorcyle and there it was. This enormous watermelon. Think of the one that you would buy for your 4th of July party with the grandkids. Oh Ronaldo. Bless his heart! So now we have a massive melancia sitting on our kitchen table. You betcha I carried that thing all the way home. And you betcha that my arms hurt afterward. 

Another mildly funny story from yours truly.

So there´s this local band that´s somewhat famous called the 4 Forrozeiros. Forro is a musical genre really common in the nordeste, so they´re kindof like the bee´s knees here. And two of the members are brothers and just so happen to live in our area, on a street that we walk alot. So one day Sister Adriane was like, "Hay. Irmão José. We want to teach that family. Can you introduce us?" And he was like, "Sure thing sistas!" So we walked up the street to the house, got the house and heard them playing music, José clapped his hands to get their attention, he didn´t even say anything but they were like, "come on in!" So were like, "sweet!" We entered in the house, sat down and they just started playing music for us. Haha. Then after a few songs they started asking questions about who we were. Boo yah. That´s how it´s done folks. Let ´em play a few tunes on the accordion and then they want to be baptized. Actually that´s a joke. They didn´t want to get baptized... Yet. But they were super mole about going to church because they had a show super late Saturday night. Bah. Ok. But we walk on that street a lot, so for sure we´re going to baptize them soon. :)

In other news, this week was super hard. No one came to church. Not even dear Ronaldo. Oh-so-ironically he went to his baby nephew´s baptism at the catholic church that went late and didn´t give him time to go to church with us. Yeah that one hurt. But we´re still helping him prepare for baptism and he´s awesome. 

Another blessing of Ala Caicó: the ward council. We had ward council last night and it was just like a spiritual fist bump. I don´t even know why I chose to describe it like that. But after the meeting we all left just feeling like, "yeah buddy! Let´s go do this!" You know, the way good meetings should make you feel. The bishop here is AWESOME. 

And that´s the way the cookie crumbled this week, folks!

Love you all! Remember who you are and what you stand for! Read the Book of Mormon! You´ll loooooove it!

Sister Baker

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