June 2, 2014 A Week Before COPA, A Week Before the Madness!

So we got word today from Presidente that we can watch the games Brazil plays in the world cup! Booyah! I mean it makes sense because all the members we talk to say that everything will be shut down for the cup and we won´t be able to teach anyone because they´ll all be watching the cup. So that´s a thing. I´m pretty excited actually. The streets are all decorated in Brazil colors and there are Brazilian flags painted on the streets. All festive and whatnot. So today Sister Anderson and I are planning on decorating our home. Woohooo! 

This week... Duda got baptized! Seriously was a day of miracles. That morning we talked with her aunt that is taking care of her who was at work and for some reason would´t be able to leave if it rained that day. Don´t know why. But the sky was dark all day and looked like it was going to rain. But it didn´t! Hurrah! And there were like a thousand other things Wednesday morning that seemed like they were going to stop the baptism from happening, but it didn´t! In my mind I was like, alright it´s game time. And by game time I mean faith time. I wasn´t even worried at all because I knew it was the will of the Lord that she was baptized, and everything fell into place because we believed it would. The baptism was so sweet too. The Spirit there was really strong and we could feel that Duda´s mom was able to watch her daughter be baptized. To know that she is learning the same things on the other side of the veil is comforting. 

Ok I don´t have a lot of time, but I want to respond to.... MAMA BAKER´S PERGUNTAS!

Haven´t really heard from friends serving in Brazil. 

President Soares. Love that man! He´s really great. We saw him like 4 times this week. Yeah. WAYYY more than the average missionary. Earlier this week we were waiting for something in the mission office and as he was leaving he was like, Sister Baker, you know this mission has been waiting for you and we need you a lot. We needed you to bring the experiences you´ve had to this mission. Awwwwww. Basically Presidente is awesome. And he gave us a ride to lunch once this week. I think he wants to pick my brain to know about missions in the US because he always asks questions about my other mission. But Sister A thinks that means I´m going to train next transfer. Who knows. It´s possible. But Presidente speaks English really well. He usually speaks in Portuguese, but he knows a lot of English phrases and slang. It´s pretty funny.

Natal feels a little bit cooler. I like it! Maybe I´m still adjusting... Haha. I´m praying that I´ll stay here the rest of my mission because I don´t think I could handle anywhere else that is supposedly hotter. 

Annnnd. That´s pretty much the 411. 

Love you all! Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Preach the gospel!

Sister Baker

PS And don´t worry, I´ll have a good birthday :)

Baptismo and Brazilian dresses

Caught in a Rainstorm

Natal, Brazil

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