September 29, 2014 I'm Almost as Tan as Sister Adriane

Yep. I´ve picked up a bit more color here in Caicó. 

But I´ve decided a few more things this week. 

Número um: Exchanges are pretty sweet. And by pretty sweet I mean I loooooove exchanges. I got to go to a little city in the ´intérior´called Currais Novas. I got there in Currais Wednesday morning and left Friday morning. It´s an hour and a half bus ride and is just plain awful. I guess it wasn´t too bad because the windows were open and there was a nice breeze. But I decided/discovered that my body doesn´t like buses because they´re so rackety and make me want to throw up. But it was all good and so worth it because I got to spend a few days with my homegirl Sister Porter. She´s from Morgan, Utah. Everyone here called Utah ´a fabrica.´ That means a factory. Haha. Utah is a factory of Mormons... Ok. This sister is like the definition of cutie patootie with a heart of gold. It was so fun to work with her! We were able to see lots of progress happen in the area and we were able to find quite a few families to teach. We started talking to two men in the street one day. You know, chit-chattin´it up. Inviting them to go to church with us. When one of the men starts explaining how he got out of a surgery a few days ago. Want to know why he had to have a surgery? Well he works for the government or something and somehow a gun exploded on him. I don´t even know. He didn´t explain how that happened. But it messed up his arm really bad and he had some bullets in his chest and back. So, naturally, he had to have a surgery to fix all sorts of things. And while he´s telling this story I´m just standing there like... ´Dude... This man´s life was preserved FOR A REASON. Whooooahhhh.´ Sister Porter is still a few months fresh in the mish so she didn´t completely get what he was saying. But he was super excited to go to church and visit with us! I talked to Sister Porter last night and she said that the family LOOOVED them. Whoohoo! Sister Porter and Sister Moraes helping one family at a time! Actually... they´re helping lots of families at the same time. So I guess that phrase doesn´t really count. BUT. Exchanges are awesome. I learned a lot of things with Sister Porter and we had a lot of fun.

Número dois: I´M SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! I´ll keep you posted on all the awesomeness that comes from conference here in Caicó.

Número trés: Sometimes people just dissappear and I don´t know why. So this week we´ve been preparing a woman named Fernanda to be baptized on Sunday. Except that she dropped off the map and no one could find her. Like no one knew where she went for a few days and no one seemed really worried. Hmm. Ok. But Saturday night we were able to talk to her and she was still excited for her baptism on Sunday. Like super excited, inviting everyone to her baptism excited. Beleza. So we prepared everything for the baptism (I even made a cake) and then Sunday morning she disappeared AGAIN. Weird. I still have no idea what happened with her. But I brought the cake for the elders´ baptisms and it was a smash hit. 

Número quatro: When I get home, I´m going to bring investigators to church. You can hold me to that, too. (I´ve been having a lot more of these thoughts running through my noggin´lately. Bah! Trunkeza! Naoo!) I´m just going to be like, "yo. Elders and Sisters, who do I need to bring to church??????" And then everyone and their sister´s hairdresser will go to church and receive the blessings of the restored gospel!

Número cinco: Pretzels are a smash hit here in Caicó! Yesterday I taught a few members how to make pretzels and they looooved it! 

Número seis: Sunscreen is my best friend.

Número sete: I like to tell people I´m Brazillian and see if they believe me. You betcha I´m working on my accent!

Número oito: O Livro de Mórmon = pure amazingness. Just read it. Pleaaaaaaase. 

And that´s pretty much what´s new in this neck of the woods. Getting ready for a zone conference this week and also GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Do I seem excited? It´s because I am. I mean it´s only twice a year that the Lord´s chosen servants speak to us what He wants us to know and do. Hurrah for revelação! I can´t believe it´s been two years since the age change for missionaries. Whoa. That one changed so much for so many people. Including me! I never would have thought that at 19 I would disembark to serve as a full-time missionary, but that was the Lord´s will for me and here I am living the good life. So now we have to continue to head the prophet´s counsel and we´ll be blessed! Get ready! Saturday and Sunday!!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Lots of love and cheiros,
Sister Baker


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