June 7, 2014 The Start of a New Decade

Whoa. That sounds weird. 

But my first week of being twenty has been pretty sah-weeeeet!

And crazy unexpected.

Ok. So here´s what happened.

We went to family home evening at the bishop´s house and everyone was there. It was his birthday Monday so cake and singing was involved. I also got a little birthday shout-out.

Then Tuesday night the ex-visa-waiters arrived from the Sao Paulo MTC. I got to see Sister VanHoven from my MTC district in Provo! That was fun. So her and her new companion stayed the night with us. Buuuuuuut. Before the night was over we got a call from our Zone Leader saying that Sister Anderson is being trasferred tomorrow. TOMORROW. Yeah. Sad sad. 

So this was the lowdown of my birthday.

Tchau tchau Sister A. :(
About 6 hours in the mission office helping to do paperwork. 
Oh heyyy new companion! Sister Carroll. She looks just as Americana as I do.We get a lot more people yelling at us in English now. 
Irma Antonia (wife of the stake president) made me a birthday cake! Love her.
While walking on the street, I fell. Quite dramatically. The lady on the other side of the street even yelled to make sure I was ok. Somehow I managed to save the coconut tapioca I was munching on. (note: tapioca here is ot the same). I think that just goes to show: don´t walk and eat people. You will fall. So I´m pretty scratched up, but I consider it a souvenir for my only birthday in the mission.
Isabelle and the twins Lulu e Zeze made a makeshift birthday cake with chocolate cookies and sang happy birthday. 
And I almost forgot. Shoutout for Sister A for decorating our house the night she had to pck her bags. She also made breakfast in the morning. American pancakes and guava juice. I LOVE GUAVA. Just sayin´,

So now I´m here with Sister Carroll. She´s from New Hampshire and pretty funny.  So life is good.  

Our investigator Gleydson was baptized this week! He´s a champ. And now we´re teaching the rest of his family that aren´t members. Yayyy salvation!

Also, I´ve been thinking alot about Elder Holland´s talk from general conference about discipleship. I like how he said that to get to the promised land we have to go to Mount Sinai. To return to live with Heavenly Father, obedience is a must. God gives us commandments because He knows what´s best for us and He wants us to return too. Yayyyy obedience!

That´s all for this week folks!

Remember who you are ad what you stad for!

Share the gospel! It´s what the cool kids are doing. 
And, it´s like, a commadment. That´s a much, much better reason.

Love you! 

Sister Baker

PS. First game Brazil will play is this week. Stay tuned...
Birthday Pancakes!

Hey Antonia!

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