June 23, 2014 Every Transfer Gets a Little Harder

Fact of life. It just does. So we had transfers this week and that´s why I´m emailing right now instead of Monday. 

As for guessing what was going to happen for transfers- I thought I would stay here in Alecrim and Sister Carroll would go to a new area. I also thought that I needed a kick in the booty and would be training this transfer. Greenies have that fire that push you to work harder, ya know?

And as for the results.....

Monday night our Zone Leader called to say that Sister Carroll will be training here in Alecrim. Woohoo! She asked if she needed to pack her bags and he said no, so naturally I knew I would be transfered. Pretty sad stuff. So yesterday I lived the trio life and packed my bags to head off to the unknown. But thennnnnnn. Yesterday at night our Zl called again delivering news for transfers. Because yesterday is when we´re really supposed to know. If that makes sense. (I´m at that awkward point in the mish where I can´t speak Portuguese well and I´m forgetting English at the same time. Bizarre) Ok. So Elder Da Mata called and said that I will be staying here in Alecrim and be a new Sister Lider Trainadora with Sister Carroll. Elder Da Mata thought my reaction was funny. Needless to say, surprise surprise I´m still here in Alecrim!! I like this area so I´m a happy camper. So Sister Carroll and I are training Sister Caravalho! She´s fresh out of the MTC in Sao Paulo. From Rio Grande do Sul and a little cutie pie. Goes to show the Lord answers prayers! I´ve been praying for a Brazilian companion and Sister Carroll has been praying for a not American companion! 

So things are pretty crazy at our house right now. But I love it. In the midst of madness!

And I´m excited to train again. I need a kick in the booty. 

So as for missionary stuff goodness- we´re teaching lots of families!! I LOOVE families! You know, helping unite families for eternity is a pretty satisfying job. The problem is that if one person in the family starts to get out of the boat, the whole family jumps ship without knowing it. So it´s a lot harder but basically amazin´. 

This week we´re going to the cartorio with Cintia e Jorge to help them get married! We´re going to be their testimonies!

Remember Glaydson? So he´s the bomb.com. We´re teaching his family and they´re pretty fantastic. The mom´s name is Cristina and she really wants her sons to be involved in the church and to be baptized and all that, but she didn´t want it for herself. We had a coming to Jesus/DTR lesson with her explaining that if she wants her kids to do something she thinks is important, then she has to set the example. So we´re trying to help her prepare for baptism too. It´s all about those covenants! 

And I´ve just gotta say I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. I seriously want to use up all my personal study time studying it. LOVE IT. This week I studied a little bit about Moroni. Not the boss Captain Moroni but the son of Mormon. It´s sad to read all the awful things that he witnessed. Namely, the destruction of his people because of their wickedness. I couldn´t imagine having to flee from home and hideout because someone wants to kill me because I believe in Christ. Hard to imagine. But he did. And he lugged around with him the record of his people because he knew we would need it. And we do. Those prophets saw us in our day and they knew what we would need to know to stay on the straight and narrow.
It´s so cool to think not only that Heavenly Father called prophets on this side of the world to teach his gospel, but that we have a living prophet to help us. Hurrah for Israel!!

As for world cup madness, it´s fun stuff. During Brasil´s games, everyone goes home to watch, all the shops and stuff close and everyones watching the game. And then after the game everyone drinks, so usually we hightail it to the not sketchy-sketch parts of our area. During other games some people watch, but it´s not like everything closes. The TVs in stores will be showing the game but not everyone watches, so we can still work. Not really any special rules. Basically don´t be stupid. On p-days we can´t wear any team´s jersey in public. I´m praying that Germany won´t win because I don´t want to know what would happen. It was funny the other day Germany was playing when we went to buy somehing from the store. Some guy was like, aww you´re team is losing. And we´re like... we´re not German... Yeah he didn´t believe us. Haha 

Kay. That´s pretty much what´s up. Tata for now!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Spread that gospel- it´s been restored!
Love you all!!

Sister Baker

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