August 18, 2014 Cray, Cray Week!

Airplanes in a museum--just for Dad!


Center of Natal

David Luiz-Soccer Player

Torres Couple

Cool church building

Outside a Cool Catholic Church
Ayooo. Or as Colin usually says to me, ´Ayo Katie-o´. Colin Baker. Such a cool cat.
So, folks. It´s been a pretty up and down week.
Started off the week with the mission leadership council. It´s pretty cool to see everyone. Almost all the sisters stay the night at our house, and we all get to catch up. Fun stuff. Basically conselho da missão was what I´ve been needed. Gave me just the right amount of pump-up juice to baptize the whole world.
Speaking of baptizing the whole world... We started off with my homegirl Éricka. She´s the bomb.com. She was baptized Sunday! Love her. We´ve been bringing her to church for the past two months, and the only hang-up on her baptism was mama bear wanting her to go to church for a longer period of time before she got baptized. So that´s that. She had to go under the water three times because the first two her hand was out of the water. The poor thing was so confused and didn´t know what was going on. Haha.
And this week we started teaching the most elect young woman I´ve ever met. Her name is Anne and she´s 16. Seems a lot more mature than 16. She´s dating a member that lives in Forteleza who is preparing to serve a mission. Last weekend, he was here in Natal visiting her and when Sunday rolled around she was like, ´hey boyfriend. I want to visit your church. I already googled it and it´s just around the riverbend. Let´s go!´ Pretty much that´s how it went. GOLDEN. She´s always been curious about the church and even almost went up to some missionaries on the street before they crossed to the other side. GOLDEN. She already has a Book of Mormon and loooooved church last week. We taught her the first lesson, invited her to read and pray about it. She did! She knows it´s true! She wants to be baptized! GOLDEN. We brought her to mutual and she´s already made plans with some other young women to start personal progess. And she REALLY wants to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. GOLDENNNNN! But... (there´s always a but) Boyfriend really wants to baptize her, but can´t come down until the next month because he´s getting his wisdom teeth taken out and it´s a huge mess. So boyfriend probably won´t get to see her be baptized. Anne is praying to know if she should be baptized this Saturday, and also that satan won´t interfere with her baptism because he´s a stinker. (Those are nice words to describe him.) And basically this girl is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Dad gave me a really awesome blessing before I left that said that I would make friendships that would last throughout the eternities. Well here´s one on a silver platter. Bahhh! I just love this girl so stinking much! After she gets baptized, she´s going to help soooo many people come to know the gospel.
Whew. That one really got me going. Yeah. So tonight we´re teaching Anne´s family the Restoration! Woohoo! Pray for us. The whole family is Catholic, and just don´t know where to find the whole truth. Love that family.

Ok. So the reason I´m emailing so late is because our bomb-diggity Stake President took us on a tourism adventure! A tour-venture if you will. We went to the center of Natal and took a looksie at all sorts of cool sites. There was this part in a museum that talked about Natal, airplanes, and World War 2. I was talking to the tour guide explaining that dad is nutzo in love with those last two things (only the last two because he hasn´t been here yet. YET.) But the man was kinda like ´.. uh. cool. yeah your dad...´ And I´m like ´no. You don´t understand. Just... No. Please take a picture of me with this mini airplane. It will make him happy.´ And that´s that. We´re going to plan another p-day adventure soon. It was really fun!
Aaaaand that´s the way the cookie crumbles! Everyone have a great week. Remember who you are and what you stand for! Be a missionary! All you returned missionaries - yeah, you know who you are- continue to be a missionary! Remember what Elder Neil L Anderson said - paint that nametag on your heart! Yeah that sounded much better when he said it.
Ok. Toodles! Tchau tchau!
Sister Baker

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