July 7, 2014 Back in Alecrim

I´m baaaaaaack! 

Yeah buddy. I came back this past Friday. But not before I was able to help dear sweet Katia prepare to be baptized! Ok. Katia is the bee´s knees. Referral from a member. Always wanted to go to church but never worked out. Already explained the sitch with her. So this past week we had a lesson with her and her son Arthur where we knelt and prayed with them to ask if everything we had taught was true. Katia said the prayer and she asked really sincerely about everything we taught her. And then after we all just stayed put for like 3 minutes straight. Then Katia opened her eyes and looked up just smiling. It was praying with her that helped her recognize the Spirit and the difference she felt with us. Oh my lanta she was so excited for her baptism! We taught all the other commandments to help her prepare then unfortunately I left Friday to go back to Alecrim. It´s really sad explaining that I can´t come to visit her and Arthur in their house. But I was able to watch her baptism! Bahh! So awesome! 

So when I returned to Alecrim there was a ton of stuff going on. Friday morning was Jorge and Cintia´s wedding! Weddings here are a bit different. We all went to some government building to watch about 50 couples get married. Pretty cool, but without all the fluffy wedding stuff. Just like documents, and stuff. But now they´re married! Woohoo! And then Cintia was baptized on Saturday! And there was a heap of people there to support her. The ward council even planned a mini-post-festa for their wedding. Unfortunately their little girl, Maria was sick and Jorge couldn´t go to the baptism or the mini-festa. But awesome possum nonetheless!

And thennnnn. During church our ward mission leader Frankley (the one that baptized Cintia) came up to us and told us that there was a young man there that wanted to be baptized. LIke... huh? What? Ok! Let´s go! He had already been taught by the sisters and had been going to church for quite a while. Like months. So we talked to his mom who was like Yeah I want him to be baptized! And then he was baptized yesterday. Pretty sweet stuff. Hurrah for covenants! Yay for those saving ordinances!

Annnnnd for just one more huge milagre. Once upon a time like the first week Sister Carroll was here we were doing some street contacts on the way back home. It was like 8:55 and we walked up to two young guys. Early twenties. Started talking about the church, inviting them, yadda yadda. Then it was like they didn´t even hear anything we said and just asked about where we´re from. You know, guessing countries. Germany, Spain, England, Russia. And that day it was like all anyone wanted to know is what it´s like in the US.Everyone we talked to just asked about where we´re from and didn´t want to hear anything about the church. So, being the end of the day, I was a bit sassy. Just a bit. So I told them no that I´m not from any of those countries and to guess again. Kinda sassy. Finally they guessed the US. (Woo!) We invited them to visit the church and went on our merry little way. That´s pretty much how it went. I even forgot about it until this Sunday. One of those guys actually went to church the next Sunday, the elders started teaching him, and he was baptized yesterday!!! And I didn´t even realize it until at church he asked if I remembered inviting him to church. Oh my lanta. So cool. The sassy invite that changed his life. (But still, I´m working to control my sassyness.)

Miracles happen people! Have faith! Read Moroni 7! If you don´t know what that means... Ask the missionaries! They can help you!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Go spread the gospel!

Love you all!
Sister Baker

In case you didn´t notice by all the exclamation points I´m pretty excited!!

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