May 26, 2014 Oi There!

It´s been a pretty great week over here in Natal. It either hasn`t been as hot or I´m getting used to it. Hmmm.. I don´t know.

But Sister A and I are helping people get married left and right. It´s pretty fun. You see, Brasil does this thing where people live together forever without being married. So we´re helping to form eternal families. Love it! 

Ok so once upon a time we did another Family Home Evening with "I" and her family. They´re pretty fantastic. So we/they invited R again and we were thinking it would be super great to have the spiritual thought about faith because R needs to understand faith. But we didn´t end up putting in our request for one reason or another. And when we had FHE, guess what the spiritual thought was about??!!? You guessed it! FAITH! Boo yah! After I explained to the twins in the family (the ones that shared the thought) about what just happened. It was the Spirit, that´s what. Seriously that was fantastic. So now R understand faith, he just needs to act on it. This dear tenderhearted investigator of ours has been reading the Book of Mormon like a champ, going to church, and knows the Church is true. But he wants more time before he gets baptized. It´s unfortunate because he can´t progress anymore without this ordinance and he already knows everything he needs to to be baptized. And he´s still in love with Sister A. That really needs to stop. Oh R, bless his heart. He´s going through a lot of changes iin his life and is struggling to recognize the Spirit. So that´s what´s up with him.

D is getting batptized this Wednesday!! Woohooo! Love her. We´re also starting to teach her dad this week. It´s going to be awesome! Her dad E was asking her why she wanted to be baptized and it was so sweet to listen to her explain why she wants to be baptized. The youth here in Brasil are super spiritually-minded and firm in the faith. 

I think the best moment this week was during a lesson with our investigator, C. We met him a few weeks ago on the street and he´s working to turn his life around. He´s really smart and actually used to be a missionary for another church. So he´s traveled to a lot of places and speaks English. But during the lesson when he was explaining something (I don´t even remember what he was explaining) I just got this overwhelming feeling of love for him. The only way I can describe it is that I was able to feel a sliver of how much Heavenly Father loves him. It was like Heavenly Father pushed everything else out of my mind except how important C is to Him. I´m really grateful I was able to have that experience because I know that Heavenly Father loves us much more than we can comprehend and more than I was able to feel.

And now it´s that time of the email! Answer Mama Baker´s questions time!

Portuguese is coming along. Hurrah for remembering verb conjugations! They´re getting more natural. That´s what I´m talking about!

Church was good yesterday. The Stake President brought the smackdown and called everyone to repentance. It was pretty sweet.

Anything interesting? We walked 12 miles on Wednesday and I´ve discovered that I´ve lost about 15 since being in Brazil. I wonder it they´re related in any way...

Hardest thing that happened this week- R won´t set a baptismal date. Love that man, but he´s a little stinker sometimes. Patience is a virtue I get to learn every day over again.

I´ll try to send photos.

That´s pretty much the lowdown of my life. 

Remember who you are and what you stand for! 
Follow the prophet!

Love you!

Sister Baker

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