September 1, 2014 Mormon Energy!

Today we had zone luncheon. Mmmm nom nom nom. I think I´m getting converted to rice and beans. Sister Carroll is obsessed with beans. Haha everyday she´s like ´ohh. I really hope there´s beans for lunch!´ Haha. Except that the word for beans in Portugues is feijão. It´s a totally different connotation, if that makes sense. Sister Carroll doesn´t like beans,ela gosta de feijão. Saying ´I like beans´ sounds really wierd, but in Portugues it´s totally fine. Ok. Enough of bean talk.

 This week´s been pretty good. We´re trying really hard to work with our ward council. Ya know, bringing people into the gospel and then helping those that have already been baptized stay firm. It´s been pretty disappointing these past few transfers to ask for help from leadership, they say they´ll do something, and then not do anything. For example, after years and years the Dantas familia is starting to come back to church. Then they missed a couple of sundays and are starting to get weaker and less willing to come to church and stuff. So what do we do? Red flag! Bishop! Elder´s Quorum President! Relief Society President! Anyone! Please help! And weeks go by with nothing... Missions can be tough sometimes. So there´s a lot of room for improvement. It was soooooo awesome to see about 5 or 6 members going to visit the Dantas family yesterday. Hurrah!

And now I´m just going to list the awesome things that happened this week.

 1. We gave a devotional/spiritual thought (conference call) one night to 4 sisters that are having a tough time in their areas. It was about gratitude, specifically using some quotes from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf´s talk from General Conference. (BAH! GENERAL CONF IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY!)

2, These past few weeks I´ve tried quite the variety of food. Including jacaré (alligator), picado (basically lamb intestines. from what I understand. it was SO. GROSS. the office elders have a picture on their phone of me trying to eat it. I´ll have to get that pic somehow...) and tereré (a cold tea from states my south in brazil). Jacaré was really yummy and so was the tereré!

3, My homeboy Vagner. Remember, the young man that had been taught by the sisters a long time ago, but parents never let him be baptized. Then one Sunday he was like, ´yo mom, yo dad. I´m going to be baptized today.´Yeah. My homeboy Vagner. The other day we saw him on the street in front of the church and started fake running towards him. You know, like the fake running you do just to be funny when you see someone you know? Yeah we did that and then Vagner started really running to us! Bah! What a cool cat! Then he gave us açaí  :)))))

4, Ok. So people give excuses out the wazooo for why they can´t go to church. Want to hear the best one I´ve heard yet? ´I can´t go to church, I only have one nail painted!´ Ha. Ok.

5, We taught Anne this week about repentance. We did this really cool demonstration/object lesson with suger and cinammon. Cinnamon being sin, and sugar being clean and/or doing good things. We started out with the sugar in a little bowl and put in some cinnamon, then tried to get rid of the cinnamon by adding more sugar. It didn´t work because there was always some remnant of the cinnamon. So that´s a problem because the go back to live with Heavenly Father, we have to be clean from sin. Then Anne gave that bowl of cinnamon sugar to Sister Carroll and we went to their balcony. (Imagine: balcony, busy street in front of her house, lots of businesses and a bus stop. windy day. got the picture?) The Sister C just threw all the cinnamon sugar off the balcony. Boom. Powerful
spiritual moment! We explained that to be free and clean from sin, she has to repent and give everything to Christ, and he makes us clean again. Only He has the power to do that, and repentance culminates with baptism. Without baptism we can never be completely clean and return to live with Heavenly Father. Good thing Christ taught clearly that we all need to be repent and be baptized! Woohoo! Yay, gospel!

 So that´s what´s going on in this neck of the woods.

 Remember who you are and what you stand for! The Church is trueeeeee!

Sister Baker
My homeboy Vagnar!

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