September 17, 2014 Who Woulda Thunk?

That Brazil could look like Arizona!

So... once upon a time... I got transferred! 

After almost an eternity in Ala Alecrim, Sister Baker got the boot and got shipped out to a city in the ´interior´ called Caicó. The Lord knew that I was dying over there in Alecrim. These past few weeks have just been rough. Just to explain, Sister Carroll and I have been out on the mish the same time. Yup, that´s more than a year. Yup, and that means that we´re tired. We worked really hard, and at the end of every day we would just come home exhausted. I´ve made a little comparison in my mind that maybe this is what it will feel like when I hit 65. (You know, because the mission is like a mini-lifetime) Who knows, I´ll keep you updated when I get there. But I´ve been needing a little spunky change in my life. Aaaaaaand here I am.

I´ll give you the update on Ala Alecrim first:

1. It´s normal in the culture here in the northeast to sniff people as a sign of affection. I´m not that Brazillian yet, so I´m still at the, ´uhh... ok.´ stage. But the 1st counselor in the bishopbric thinks it´s really funny, so he sends everyone and their brother to give me a ´xeiro´ because I was leaving the Ala. Thanks Irmão, thanks. But he´s still cool. And that´s your nordeste culture lesson for today!

2. Anne! My homegirl Anne! She´s taking the plunge this week (finally!) and getting baptized. It´s sad that I won´t be there, but all good because she´s still awesome. Sister C and I bought her a set of scriptures! Yeah buddy, we don´t do that with just anyone! Anne. I just love her! She´s going to help SO MANY people know the gospel. And she wants to serve a mission. Holla for sista missionaries!!

3, Jaqueline and Luiz are contemplating marriage. They´ve been living together/dating for about 4 months. Yup, that´s right. They started to date when he moved in. Yeah.. I don´t know about that one, but they´re awesome. And since they´ve been together such a short time, they´re pretty apprehensive about marriage. We taught about the Law of Chastity last week and the Spirit was really strong, so we´ll see where that goes. Now that I´ve been transferred I´ll have to wait for the post-action resumé of what happened. 

And that´s pretty much what´s up there.

So.... transfers. Last night (yes, last night) the zone leaders called to say that I would be transferred and Sister Acosta would come to my place (she´s an STL too. And this is her last transfer). So she´s really tired. You can probably see how that might be a little problem. So Sister C is a little worried, but it will all work out. Sister Acosta and I basically switched places. I´m with her old comp, Sister Adriane! She´s a blast! AND BRAZILLIAN! A BRAZILLIAN COMPANION ALL TO MYSELF! Mwahaha. I´m excited. She´s from Santa Catarina and an STL too. Oh, and is one transfer older than me. 

Here´s the deets on Caicó. It´s hot here. Not right now because the sun´s gone down, but tomorrow I´m probably going to use a lot of sunscreen and get a little sick because it´s so hot here. #sacrificesforsalvation But that also means that I´ll get more tan!! And there´s a lot of dirt roads here. Pretty cool stuff.

That´s pretty much all that I can think of right now. My brain is a wee bit fried. It was a 5 hour bus ride here. Oh! And guess who my companion was for that bus ride?! ... An elder. Ha! That was weird. But just to inform you, I also go bit by some random bug and my leg is really swollen. I went to the doctor this morning and got some medicine and whatnot.  It like a spider bite but apparently spiders aren´t native here.

Maybe next week I´ll prepare some super uplifting spiritual thought, but for now I´ll give you one to find! Mwahaha. Book of Mormon - 2 Nephi chapter 31. Know it. Live it. Love it. Bring people unto Christ. Hoo-rah!

The Church is true! Christ lives!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you all! 

Sister Baker

Girlie Isadora

Isadora's birthday

Isadora's Disney Princess cake

Mateus baptism

Sister Adriane

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