August 11, 2014 So...Once Upon a Time

Basically I don´t even know what to say about what happened this week.

It was a mess. Uma bagunça, if you will. The connotation of that word is more like ´hot mess´. I think that´s the best way to describe what happened this week. 

Pretty much everyone that we´ve been teaching fell through. Either they´ve fell off the face of the earth or we´ve dropped them because they´re not keeping commitments. And yet again we didn´t have a baptism this week. 

My homegirl Erika is still on date for next week. She´s super pumped, except that we´re praying that her mom won´t try to purposely hold up her baptism. But Erika´s awesome and is reading the Book of Mormon every day. 

We´re trying to work with a lot of families here. I´ve known the family of Cristiani and Tiago since forever (pretty much since I got here) and they never went to church with us. So we stopped teaching them. Makes sense, right. Then the Lord was like, ´oh wait, go back now.´ Ok. So we went back. Still no one is progressing.... THEN. We find the gem of the family. Mikael. The 13-year-old son that always ran away during our lessons. He read the Book of Mormon, loved it, prayed about it, and knows it´s true. He wants to be baptized next week. Except that Papa Bear isn´t helping in any way, shape, or form. Actually he´s causing a lot of trouble. So that´s that. Actually that´s kindof like what´s happening with everyone. Frustrating stuff.

So yeah. These past few weeks in Alecrim have been rough, but we´re pushing it through. We´ve got a good ward that wants to help a lot.

Last night our Zone Leaders called, trying to help some sistas out. (We´re the only sisters in the zone.) But they´re really great. Hurrah for liderança. I told Elder R. Oliveira that he should try calling our Sister Training Leaders and see if they can help us. Ahh ha. Ha. ha. ha. So funny. Because we are the sister training leaders here. He thought it was funny, but not nearly as funny as I did.

Buuuuut the highlight of the week was finding a pretty sweet family on Saturday, then bringing the dad and two of the daughters to church yesterday. Papa Bear reallllllly liked church. Yeah buddy! So we´re teaching them now. Next stop - marriage. They need to get married first. So we´re getting there with them.

And that´s the 411.

The Church is true! 
Follow the prophet! 
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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