February 17, 2014 Oh Hay Hay!

So remember that one time that I thought I was staying in Salem YSA for a while? Ha! Yeah me too! Today was transfer day and I am in a new area. Yes, for those of you keeping count, this is my fourth area in five transfers. It's pretty crazy, but I love the sporadic yet uber stable life of a missionary!

Now I'm back in the Lebanon zone (same zone as Sweet Home) in a city called Albany in the Takena ward. This ward has been praying and asking for sisters for a long time and they even sent President a 5 page letter requesting sisters. So they're pretty excited to have us!
And we're super excited to be here! I've also been called as a sister
training leader so it will be a fun challenge to serve the sisters
here. As for my last comps, Sister. P is in Newberg so she can
be closer to the mission home because she's basically an AP STL.
President calls her an APW: an assistant to the President's wife. He's a hoot. And now Sister A is training a new missionary!! I know right! Pick your jaw off the floor now. She's been out for 6 weeks and she's training. Yep, she's amazing. So now my new companion is Sister P and she's from Newcastle, Colorado. She's a rock star and I love her. I got to know her a little bit when I was in North Marion. As for our area, we don't have a phone yet so that's a struggle, but we've planned to meet the ward mission leader, the bishop, and the relief society president today and tomorrow. They all sound awesome.

Even though I'm not in Salem anymore I have to give some updates on what happened this past week.

Let's start it off with our investigator W. He's already prayed
about the Book of Mormon and he knows it's true!! He came to church this Sunday so we're continuing to work with him towards baptism.

Then there's B.  Oh what a change he's made since I've been there! He understands the nature of God now and really has a testimony! I'm going to miss that guy. He and C came to the transfer meeting today and B cried a fake tear as I left. That's probably as emotional as he ever gets, so that's a pretty big deal.

Sister A has a feisty alter-ego. Her name is Nella. And mine is
named BonQuifa.

Our branch president gave us flowers for Valentine's Day! And our ward mission leader gave us all pepper spray! To say that I've been well taken care of here in the YSA Branch is an understatement.

The best Valentine's Day gift ever = mace from your Ward Mission Leader. That would be Tyler Chase, on the right side.

We've been teaching an investigator named S and his girlfriend
A. He's super prepared and this week we taught the Plan of
Salvation. He was literally on the edge of his seat during the lesson
and when the other people that were there would start to get off topic he would bring it back immediately. He's a champ.

The other night we did some pretty fun tracting in an apartment
complex and when one door opened, the lady looked at us and said, "Oh, I am SO not in th mood for you guys right now." Then proceeded to slam the door. It would have been fine except for her poor kitty that was in the doorway, but that didn't seem to deter her. That poor, poor kitty. Getting its head slammed in the door.

We've also been teaching this guy named K. Those lessons sure are interesting. The way he interprets things boggles my mind. For instance, he told us that we can strengthen our faith by going to
Disneyland. When we're at Disneyland we go on rides and make sure to put on the safety harnesses and that strengthens our faith. Uhh... Ok.
Some other highlights include him telling us about how he looks into
the sun in ten second intervals and the other day how he was sitting
on a cloud. I'm not even making this stuff up, people! He was totally

I also got a blessing from my zone leader on Friday. I'll email a
little more about that tomorrow because I only got half an hour today.

But I love you all! Do good! Remember who you are and what you stand

Sister Baker

First up is my old district in Salem. Minus Sister P.

Love you Mama Chisholm!!

Look at all those sheepies!!
All of us with B. Who is pretty rad. Yup. This pretty much sums it up nicely.

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