February 27, 2014 Surprise!!! Visa Has Arrived!

Guess who's going to Brazil?!?! THIS MISSIONARY!
Can you believe it? I can't really. So President found out about five
minutes ago that my visa is here and that I will be flying out of
Atlanta on April 8th. So I'm staying with Sister P until the end
of the transfer then they'll put me in a temporary companionship until I leave. President also said that he wants me to come on all the
little excursions they do for departing missionaries because I've been here for so long. Then I have to go back into the MTC for two weeks for an intensive language training. That will be... Interesting, being back in the MTC. I guess I get to experience both MTCs which will be cool! So many adventures! And President Samuelian told me that when I get engaged I will have to call him. I told him he won't be President anymore because it will be a while.

But that's pretty much what's up! Now we've got a crazy awesome busy schedule for today so I'm off!

Love you!
Sister Baker

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