February 24, 2014 Life is Good!

Sister P and Me!

Hello Hello! 

How are things in your neck of the woods?! 

Life is just trucking along over here in Takena. Not a lot of teaching, but good things still happening. Since we are a new area, we don't have much as far as potential and former investigators to try and contact, but we do what we can with what we have. We are over the northern part of the ward and the elders live in the southern part, so when they did cover this area they didn't come up here much because they would have to ride their bikes up a huge hill. Don't blame them. But now we're doing a lot of finding. It's pretty fun. 

Let me tell you about a little birdie I know. Her name is Sister P. And she just so happens to be my companion. She's one funny chica! She's been joking all week (and from the sounds of it her whole mission) that when she gets home she's going to go less active. The main motivation? She doesn't want to be called as relief society president. I think that's pretty valid. So when we go to doors and they have established ways of getting out of answering the door (like no doorbell), she saves that for future use as a less active so people can't track her down. But it's a joke. Just so we're clear. Jokes.

Once upon a time Sister Baker and Sister P were looking for people on a list the Relief Society President had given them. One particular name may or may not have lead them to a construction zone that they didn't know was a construction zone. Here's how it went down. There was this electric gate fence thingy that was on the road to the house of the person we were going to visit, and luckily there was a truck in front of us that opened the gate. So we followed this mack-daddy truck to find out that it was just a bunch of dirt roads not leading to any houses, but to a huge parking lot, an office building, and building supplies. Uhhh.. Yikes. So we whip it around in the parking lot and take off down a different dirt road hoping it will lead us out the other end of the street that doesn't exist at this point. Yeah that didn't work. So we face shame and went back the direction we came in and hurrah for Israel there was another truck leaving. He just sat in front of the number press thingy and waited for us to do something. Well we waited longer. He eventually opened the gate, drove out and we followed right behind him out to the main road. It was a little freaky getting stuck inside there. And that's the end of the story.

Ok miracle time!!! The young women in this ward adore us. No joke. They're basically the reason we are here and are uber excited to come out with us. Even tracting! Yeah, I know. Those crazies. I've never been told so many times in my life that I'm an answer to prayer. It brings the warm fuzzies, ya know? But anyway we brought one of the yw named R with us tracting one night. A few nights earlier I got the impression to put in my bag a family proc. But that night we found two potential investigators and I gave away that family proc! It was sooooo cool because it was the last door we knocked on and before the door was even open I knew this was who it was for. And when the woman started talking I felt it progressively get stronger. So I did and she was super duper excited to have it and read it. She's devout catholic, so we might not be teaching her anytime soon, but I know she'll feel the spirit when she reads it.

Alrighty have a great week folks!
Do good!
Remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Sister Baker

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