March 24, 2014 Once Upon a Mission

There's Baker Street! Gotta love it!

Sister A and Sister B :)

Yayyy water falls!!!

Sister Palmer and I got evicted from our home. Yep. That happened. We were living with a recent convert named J (super sweet lady...) who just finalized her divorce. Like the day we got there. She told us all sorts of stories about how awful he is and stuff. So yeah. Then a few weeks ago she told us that they're getting back together, but not for a few weeks so we have time to find another place to live. Ok, cool. Then last Monday we got a text message from our housing coordinator telling us that J's husband would be back on Thursday and that we needed to be moved out. Uhh... what?? 

So all day Tuesday we were packing and moving while trying to do missionary work at the same time. It was great. And my great I mean a bit overwhelming. But it's all good because now we're living with some other members named the Ms. They're the bomb.com. I wish we could live with them permanently, but their son comes back from college and stays with them. So when he comes home we would have to move out, then back in when he leaves. And that's a lot of work. But Sister M is amazing. And hilarious. She was telling us about her son E and how fantastic he is. 

Sister Mink: "He's so Christ-like he'll give you the shoes off his feet. And I bought him some of those nice Doc Martins. Those babies aren't cheap! I mean, he lives a Christ-like life, but I finance a Christ-like life."

Bah! What a riot! So we come home and she asks us all these questions about how our day went because she missed us. Such a doll. 

Ok. Besides moving we had an AWESOME lesson with the J family. We asked (invited ourselves over) to teach a lesson, which turned into us having dinner with them as well. Then their daughter A decided to invite some friends to the lesson. She invited two friends, and one came! She even came to dinner as well! Her name is H and is super awesome. She has a lot of questions about the church, and we taught her the Restoration. As we taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision he eyes got all big and we could just see wheels turning in her head. And the Spirit was super strong so I'm sure things are going on up in her noggin. She committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to meet with us again! Whoohoo!

I can't believe this is my last week in Takena ward. Goodness I just love this ward so much! And it's cool because I'm fairly sure the ward loves us as much as we love them! Sister Palm-Palm and I have connected well with the YW. They're sad that I'm leaving. Bah! Why does everyone always talk about me leaving?! It's like rubbing dirt in the wound. I feel like my OSM Mission is dying and my Brazil Natal Mission is going to be born. Don't judge for the analogy. #hatersgonnahate

Umm.. what else happened this week?

Sister Palm-Palm and I spoke in church about basically our conversion stories. It went really well! Especially considering we didn't have a lot of time to prepare. Hurrah for the Spirit! 

Us and the elders taught the youth last night how to use technology to spread the gospel. We taught about Facebook. It's unfortunate that not all the youth have a FB page, because they would totally rock it. 

And Sister Palm-Palm and I are working on an album. Like a musical album. You see, we have this talent. We can make songs up on the spot and somehow they turn out to be pretty good. I'm not sure how that goes. But the album goes as follows:

1. Testify

2. The Glory of the Tender Moments

3. I Wanna Be Sister Baker

4. Aubri is a Missionary

5. Doing the Eviction Dance

It's still a work in progress. We have one week left to complete it, so the pressure is on! Also, our band name is the BonPeach Effect. Artsy, eh? (does that sound Canadian?) But it's a combination of our codenames that I'm not supposed to tell you, but I'm telling you anyway. Mine is BonQuifa and her's is Princess Peach. There. I said it!

Also, I went on exchanges with Sister A up in Salem! She's awesome! And mom- she said you talked to her mom or something?

Anywho, we've got to get going. We crashed the Salem Zone's P-day and went up to Silver Falls, so we've got to skedattle. (That's why I'm emailing later.)

Kay, love ya!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Spread the gospel!


Sister Baker

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