March 3, 2014 Once Upon A Time...

Sister Baker got called to Brazil. But surprise, surprise- no visa. So then that little missionary lady headed off to the Oregon Salem Mission to save souls. She worked there for 7 months, with no word on the visa. Then this past Thursday, an amazing man by the name of President Samuelian called to share some bittersweet news. THE VISA ARRIVED!

Yep. Cray cray. I know some of you already know about that, but I needed to share the story. It's funny because a few days into our companionship Sister P realized that I would get my visa this transfer. You see, she has a gift. That gift is called not having companions for complete transfers. She's had comps for 3,4,5 weeks, and I was hoping to beat her record! I guess I sort of did because we got wind of my visa at two weeks. But I'll be staying here in the oh-so-lovely OSM until April 8th. Then I'll be going back to the MTC for 2 weeks of intense language training. I'm excited/nervous for that. You can be sure that my language studies this week have gotten a lot more meaningful now that there's an actual deadline and whatnot. I plan on speaking NO ENGLISH in the Brazil MTC. We'll see how that goes. 

So other than that crazy shenanigans that has been ten months in the waiting, things have been pretty mellow over here. We've been taking out the Young Women with us quite a bit and they are loving it. They're rocking the tracting because that's what we have to do until we have people to teach. We're also working on having members of the ward introduce us to the less-actives they work with. Hopefully that will all go well. The thing about finding through tracting is that it's not very effective. Everyone knows that, but it's like the bread and butter of missionary work and when we break the news to members that we won't be allowed to tract soon we can see the shock on their faces. I've heard of missions already banning tracting. And then when we do tract and find new investigators, they're never home when we come back. Pretty frustrating, but c'est la vie. Or isso e a vida. I don't know. Cut me some slack, I've been out of practice for quite some time. But yeah, the ward here is AMAZING. Like bomb-diggity. So we're trying to work more closely with the members in every facet of the work. It's definitely a work in progress and considering we're opening a new area it's a lot of work to do. 

Yeah so not a whole lot going on. We taught maybe like 3 lessons this week. Pretty rough. (you European missionaries stop rolling your eyes) But things are trucking along. 

We had dinner last night at the M Family's house. Awesome family. Brother M served in Japan and he made super yummy sushi. And during diner we had a really thought-provoking conversation about forgiveness (he's the district attorney). Then after the younger kiddos took us to show us their playroom. Ok. This playroom was like a play-mansion. Or more like the playroom of my dreams, complete with hidden tunnels, slides, and a ball pit. And this was all in the house when they moved in! So cool! Sister P and I had a lot of fun and worked off a bit of our rice cheeks from the sushi. 
Yummy sushi from the M Family!!!!

This upcoming week is full of meetings. Tuesday AND Wednesday are MLC. Usually it's just Tuesday, but we're going to Haystack Rock! I'm so excited!!!! Then Thursday is zone conference, and Saturday we're probably going to be doing a double exchange into Brownsville. Meaning Sister P and I get to go in there with the sisters and take the town by storm. Divide and conquer sort of thing. Sister P really feels like it's something we need to do and I don't necessarily feel anyhing either way. It's just that Brownsville is not exactly a hopping place, so it's going to take a lot of faith to see miracles there. But it's going to happen!

So that's pretty much the low-down of minha vida (I've got to start using minha lingua mais!). 

Keep the faith.
Follow the prophet.
Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Sister Baker

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