February 10, 2014 Once Upon A Time...I Served in Russia!

Oh wait... Just kidding. I'm in Salem, Oregon! We've just gotten a
booty-load of snow. And by that I mean like 11 inches. Pretty cray
cray. So we've been "grounded" since Thursday. We went walking to some appointments on Thursday, then Sister A got sick and we've been pretty much stuck inside every since.  Poor thing..not fun.

Despite filling out my third visa application, I actually have some
good news when it comes tone travel department! I got a Tiwi card!!
Let me tell you what exactly that means, young padawans. Tiwi is this little white box that is stuck up in the front windshield of outer
car. It tracks our driving and even talks to us sometimes. ("Check
your speed!") To be able to drive in the OSM, you have to have a Tiwi card that signs you in at the beginning of the day. Usually visa
waiters don't have those for obvious reasons. But I filled out the
paperwork and whatnot, and now I have a Tiwi card! I consider myself officially an OSM missionary now!

So for the majority of the week, we've been inside filling out our
online area book and not turning into Popsicles. Although I may or may not have made a sister missionary snow angel. :) Our neighbor then told us to make a Mormon missionary snowman, but ain't nobody got time for that! Sister P and Sister A have named my alter ego. Her name is BonQuifa and she's a hoot.

Here's your  quote from B (someone we are teaching) for the week: (after hearing we were still coming for our lesson despite the blizzard) "They're working in this??
Why don't they go inside and work on themselves?"

That could sound pretty snarky is you say it the wrong way, but B
is the bomb.com and wanted us to take some time to work on ourselves rather than helping everyone else for one. Haha he's funny. After watching this Mormon Message about the sacrifices a family made to get sealed in the temple we asked B what he thought about the video. He said, "Working in a nickel mine must really suck." I'm like alright mister! I know you've got deep insightful thoughts swirling around in your noggin! Don't even try that one on me! But it was still pretty funny. So there, two B quotes for the price of one! That's a steal,folks!

Yesterday, church was cancelled for the stake, so we had a sacrament meeting for just the missionaries. It was pretty awesome. Missionaries gave talks, and Sister P and I sang a mash-up of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and "I Feel My Savior's Love." It was a pretty arrangement, but we couldn't get a pianist in to practice with us, so it was a cappella.

Those are just some of the highlights of another crazy, awesome, crazy awesome, fun, snow-filled week in the OSM!

Keep it real.
Stay in school.
Remember who you are and what you stand for.
Preach the gospel!!

Sister Baker

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