May 5, 2014 Once Upon a Time

The entire world calls me either German or Barbie doll. Yep. That definitely takes some getting used to. There was even this guy on the street that stopped, pointed at me, and asked ´where are you from´ in English. That one threw me for a loop. But yeah. I get called a boneca (doll) at least 2 or 3 times a day. And now the whole world thinks that Sister A is Brasileira. It´s pretty funny and I think she enjoys it. 

So let´s see... what all happened this week??

We had all sorts of miracles in finding and talking to people on the streets. Brazilians are way funny. And for the most part they´re patient when I have no clue what´s going on. Which isn`t all that often. But anyway. We started teaching this guy J who rocks. We went back for an appointment, but he wasn´t there. So we started talking to his neighbors then all of a sudden he shows back up at his house and we teach him too. That was a tender mercy. He´s funny because every time we talk to him, he´s like I´m doing everything you´re asking me to do because you´re my teachers. Haha. So that´s J.

Want an update on D? The girl we were teaching? Well here ya go. Her mom doesn`t want to talk to us. Whenever we go to her house, she automatically walks into another room and won´t set up appointments with us. Yup. Pretty sad. But things are going to happen in the Lord´s time. And D is still super awesome. 

And in some non-missionary-work business, we had a rat in our house. He was just a little guy, but oh how I hated him. We named him Earl after the Dixie Chicks song saying that Earl´s gotta die. And Earl did die. It was kinda sad to see a crime scene, but at the same time I can sleep better now. 

That´s pretty much what´s going on in this neck of the woods. Not a whole lot else to report. 

Remember who you are and what you stand forrrrrrrr!

Love you!
Sister Baker

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