May 14, 2014 Oi, Oi, Oi!

Mother's Day with the Bishop and his cute family

Yummy Shrimp sandwiches!

The little shrimp still have their eyes on them!  Oh well, it was still delicious!
Yes, that's an avocado.  They are REALLY that size!

These feet were made for walkin'!  Still a bit swollen, but there's a start of what will become a famous Chaco tan line.  This is the "before" picture.

Oi, Oi, Oi!  That´s fun to say fast.

So it´s been a pretty snazzy week. 

I´m emailing today instead of Monday because of transfers. Gotta love those! But good news, I´m staying with Sister A. Whoohhoo! I mean not really any surprise there. Although we never actually heard for sure what was happening with us from our leaders. But I guess no news is good news? Maybe? Eh. And why we didn´t hear anything about transfers you may ask. Well, it was because...

Our phone got stolen! Yeah buddy! First robbery on the mission! It was pretty low key to be honest. We were walking on this big street Sunday morning to take people with us to church, but this street didn´t have houses or anyone on it. Yeah not a good idea. And apparently Sunday is the most sketchy day of the week. That´s pretty sad that the Lord´s day has turned into sketchy-sketch day. But anyway. Homeboy rode up on his bike and demanded our phone. And that was that. 

In other news, we started teaching an awesome investigator named R this week. We were teaching a part-member family in their front room that´s open to the street and he was sitting outside listening. After the lesson we started talking to him and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! Whooooo. Monday night he came to a family home evening at the house of some members and the spiritual thought was on the Book of Mormon. At this point we haven´t really taught him anything but about baptism but he was just looking through the BoM and thinking and reading. We could just see the wheels turning in his head. We marked a chapter for him to read and yesterday during our lesson he said he had read the chapter we marked, the introduction, and all the way up to 1 Nephi 15. Boo yah! He asks really good questions so we can tell he´s actually thinking about what we´re saying. Yeah. So that´s R. The bomb.com

Then after the lesson last night his family´s terror of a dog ripped my skirt. It ripped a few inches above the knee, so I´m going to see if someone in the ward can fix it. So that´s a thing. I mean I can sacrifice a skirt for someone´s eternal salvation. It´s all good. 
The first skirt casualty--naughty doggie!

Because it´s a new transfer I have a different planner and can´t remember everything else miraculous that happened this week. #struglife. 

So now it´s.... Answer Mama Baker´s Questions Time!

We had I think 10 missionaries stay with us last night. 5 new sisters and their trainers. And they´re all off to their new areas today.

We shop at little grocery stores. Nothing the size of Walmart. Everything here is on a much smaller, local scale. 

That´s all folks! 
Remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Love you!
Sister Baker

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