April 28, 2014 Week One in Alecrim

Sister A and Sister B!!!

Hey errybody!

Hope you`ve had a great week! So I`m still getting used to this keyboard, so bear with me. Haha. There are all sorts of interesting Brazilian nuances that I`m getting used to. 

Like walking everywhere. I knew it was going to happen, but my body didn`t realize it. And in particular, my feet. Those poor babies didn`t know what was coming. Day one in the field was fine, with the exception of a few blisters. Took care of those that night. What I wasn`t expecting was my feet to swell up like a balloon for the next four days. It was super hard to walk and very frustrating because I wasn`t tired or anything. It was just that my feet wanted to abandon ship. Bahh. So frustrating. 

But like in everything else, the Lord provides a way. Yesterday I asked the elders in our ward, Elder D and Elder F, to give me a blessing after lunch. It was so great. They said that my feet would improve and that I would be able to continue on and do my best in the work of the Lord. Immediately after the blessing I could feel the tension in my feet start to go away and by last night I was walking like almost normal. Such a tender mercy. And tender mercy equals a miracle. Heavenly Father once again demonstrated His power and love in taking care of me and the things I need. It just goes to show that He wants to be a part of our lives, but we have to be the ones to let Him in. He`s always there, it`s just that most of the time we`re not listening. 

So now my feet are almost back to normal! Hurrah for Israel! My left foot is still a little swollen from some sort of bug bite I think. Don`t worry mom, I`m using my sunscreen and bug repellant. Except the other day I must have missed a spot on my shoulder because there`s a stripe of red there. Haha. But it´s all good in the hood. 

Other miracles: We didn`t have running water for two days and now we do! You never realize what you have until it`s gone. Haha

Aaaaand. The gift of tongues. Holy smokes that`s real. There is no way I would be able to be working here without it. Every day I`m learning so many new words and phrases. Sister A is super patient with me when I try to explain things, which I´m super grateful for. It´s really funny because most of the time everyone only talks to her until I jump in because they think I have no idea what´s going on. Which is only somewhat true. Sometimes I´m completely lost, but most of the time I get the gist of what people are saying. We were talking to this family sitting outside their house and they asked how long Sister A has been here. When she said a year they flipped out, but when I said about 2 weeks they literally almost peed their pants. It was quite satisfying. But Sister A is always telling people that I understand more than they think. Ha. For example, we had lunch (the biggest meal of the day here. we don`t really eat dinner) with a really funny family. And as we were leaving the Irma asked where Sister A bought her bag because I should get one like it. The sister thought I didn`t understand, but I was like, wait. You don`t like my bag??! The look on her face was priceless because she knew that I knew what was going on. Mwahaha! It was great. 

But the people here are awesome! The ward is great and there´s a lot of work to be done. We`re teaching a ten-year-old named D that wants to be baptized but right now her mom doesn`t want her to. So we`re going to talk to Mama Bear and pray and have faith the Lord will change her heart. Miracles happen every day here! We`re praying that she`ll be able to be baptized this Sunday. Stay tuned!

Random business to answer your questions Mama:

No Chaco tan line yet. It will come though. 

We have time to do language study most days. 

We`ve got fans in our casa. Outside it´s always windy so it doesn`t get too hot. I mean, it`s an inferno compared to Oregon, but it`s the coolest area in the mission. In both meanings of the word. 

I use my DoTerra insect repellant and it works well. I`ve started using it at night too because I think that`s when some bug got to my foot. 

As for skyping on Mother`s Day, I have no idea. I haven`t heard anything. Sorry!

Life is good. The Lord is great. Remember who you are and what you stand for!

Love you!

Sister Baker

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