May 19, 2014 I Live in the Trunkiest Casa!

Let me explain. Trunky -- you´ve got your trunk all ready to go home. So once upon a time the mission office is in my area. That means that every six weeks the sisters that arrive spend a night with us and all sisters that go home spend a night with us. That being said, it´s a trunky monkey casa. Sister A and I got to work with two different sisters two different days this week that we´re going home. One sister even missed her flight and that´s why she was with us. Mama Baker- I don´t even want to think about how you would feel if I did that. Ha. But it wasn´t really the sister´s fault. Anyway. Trunky casa. That´s what´s up.

Remember D? Good. So she´s pretty much the cutest thing. She says she always thinks of me when she eats goiaba because she was there the first time I had it and thought my face was funny. So D´s mom had been sick with cancer and passed away last week. Her best friend L is a member and has been having a hard time, so we´ve stopped by every once in a while to pray with her and stuff. But D´s mom N wouldn´t let D be baptized because N didn´t really understand the church. Now D is living with L who is like her aunt. So we´re about 95% sure she´s getting baptized this week! I say 95 because we have to get permission from her father. We already got permission from him the first time we talked to him, so I don´t see why he wouldn´t allow her to now. And now N will be learning the same things as D on the other side! Can I get a hurrah for the Plan of Salvation?!

Also remember R? Well he´s a rockstar. We met him last week and he´s already read from the beginning of the Book of Mormon up until the middle of 2 Nephi. He accepted the invite to be baptized this coming Sunday, and now we have to help him realize that he´s receiving answers to his prayers. He loves the Book of Mormon (clearly) and really liked church yesterday. Today he´s going to family home evening again. Yay for R! He´s also a little bit in love with Sister A. We and a member explained yesterday that missionaries don´t date on their missions. Sister A has a problem attracting what we call ´scorpions´. It drives her nuts. Eh, it drives me a bit nuts too. I mean we´re preaching the gospel here! Ain't nobody got time for that. 

In other news:

I made my oh-so-famous pretzels for a "I", a member, when we were at her house for lunch. It was so funny because her oven kept going out and she was like I want to try this American bread!! So funny. We´re having FHE at her house tonight. 

I bought a dress that looks so Brazilian and I looooove it. No pictures this week because I left my camera at a member´s house. I didn´t want to walk home in the dark with it.

According to my pedometer that I used for the first time, Thursday we walked 8.2 miles. 

We are using one of the office elder´s phones now. President was not super happy with them that they didn´t tell him that we were robbed. Also President said that since the dog that ripped my skirt wasn´t sick and is a domestic (angry) dog, I don´t have to get rabies shots. Because that would stink. A lot. I´m sure you know how I feel about shots. 

Time for... Answer Mama Baker´s Questions that I haven´t already answered!
I did notice the questions are in bold! Much more convenient. I appreciate your thoughtfulness :)

I also got some SAH-WEET capri, 80s looking spandex shorts. They´re pretty rad. 

That´s all for this week, folks!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!!


Sister Baker

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