April 8, 2014 Sou Aqui!

I´ve arrived at the CTM in one piece! Hurrah! Ok so this keyboard is kinda crazy so typing is tough. Trevor I feel your pain when you would write from Germany.

So the flights were good. The one to Sao Paulo was ridiculously long. I thought I was going to die. But it´s all good because I´m here now! 

Let´s see, on both flights I was able to teach lessons. That was fun. It was in English but either way it´s the gospel! 

I met a bunch of really nice people at the airport and stuff and they were able to help me with my Portuguese. Granted I still know very little but it was fun. Oh! And one of my companions was in my ward at BYU! Bah! Small world! And I´m in a trio again. Livin that #triolife
I´m glad I´m with Sister Young because she really wants to only speak Portuguese and we seem to be on the same level. Definitely an answer to prayer. Gotta love it!

Well I´ve got to go now. You know, learn how to preach the gospel in a new language. It´s going to be interesting. And it´s so hot here! I´m going to die when I get to Natal.

Ok. That is all.

Eu amo voces!!

Sister Baker

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