April 22, 2014 Sending Some Love From Natal!

Hello, Natal!!!

Sisters in the CTM!

View of Sao Paulo.

District in the CTM.

Hey errybody!

I´m here safe and sound! Sister Bosworth-Arzani, Sister Young, Elder Kaelberer, Elder Ballard, some Uruguanan elder and I all flew in to Natal yesterday. We got up super early yesterday morning to say goodbye to our roommates and as any other travel day, yesterday was long. Long, but good. We almost missed our flight to Natal because some missionaries in our group didn´t have their baggage prepaid. We made it with like 5 minutes to spare. 

Then when we arrived and picked up our baggage we met President Soares and the APs. Super awesome. Love them all. Yesterday we had a training meeting with them and our companions. Talking about expectations for the mission and such. Beforehand I was just thinking, how on earth is this mission going to compare to the OSM? But during the meeting we discussed the vision of the mission (that miracles haven´t ceased-Moroni 7) and I felt so much that this is where I need to be right now. I don´t know how or why the timing is the way it is, but I know I´m here at the right time. I´m serving in the interior of Natal in the Alecrim Ward with Sister A. She´s from Willard, Utah and has been out about a year. She´s an Sister Training Leader and apparently my trainer. Not sure what that means. Probably teaching me some more humility. But she´s pretty great! 

The work here is crazy great. Or so I´ve heard. I haven´t actually taught lessons or anything yet. We had meetings all day yesterday and today Sister A had her interview with President Soares. Once I´m done writing here we´re gonna go do work! I´m super pumped. I´m excited to see how things are different here. Oh. And I´m currently wearing chacos. We walk everywhere. I like it a lot. The city is a fun place to be. 

To answer a few of your questions, mama:

I´m currently at an internet cafe.

The Soares´ home is AMAZING. I don´t have my camera with me today to send pictures because I don´t want it to get stolen or anything. But they live in an apartment right by the beach and have probably the nicest view in the city. 

I haven´t heard anything about us being a facebook mission. I highly doubt it. 

It´s hot here. But apparently this is the coldest area in the mission. We have a lot of wind, so I´m super blessed. Easing into things, I guess. Haha. But I´ll get more used to it as time passes. 

And I´m doing great! Wearing my sunscreen, haha.

Love you guys!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Sister Baker

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