April 7, 2014 Tchau, Tchau Oregon!

The family that I fit into. In other words, the Burtons! 

Oh boy this week sure has flown by! We've seen a lot of miracles in the Takena ward this week!

Basically, living the trio life is the way to go. I just love trios. Love 'em. So this week with Sister P and Sister T has been the bomb-diggity. 

All transfer we've been struggling to find people to teach #struglife. But this week we taught more than we have all transfer! It was fantastic to get back in that teaching groove. Listening to the Spirit, helping people develop their faith in Christ. It doesn't get much better than that. 

It's sad to have to leave this area because I love it so much! So during General Conference when President Uchtdorf spoke about endings, it really hit home. Because we are eternal beings, it's hard to swallow the idea of something ending. It's almost unnatural for us to comprehend because our spirits our eternal. But luckily we know that all endings in this life like death and separation are only temporary and that one day we will be reunited. 

Speaking of General Conference... Wasn't that amazing?!?! I mean, two days of modern day prophets and apostles giving us guidance and direction? Yes puh-lease! Lord knows we need it. One theme of the talks that really stood out to me was how hard things are going to get in the future. Life is fairly tough now to be a Christian, but it's only going to get worse. We were counseled to hold fast to our faith and stay close to the Savior, and if we do those things we will survive the tumult of the last days. That's an amazing promise! But at the same time, we have to put in our effort.

So I'm definitely going to be studying up on those! 

As for this upcoming week, it's going to be interesting. I have an idea of what to expect, but not really. I fly out Tuesday and get to the Brazil Missionary Training Center on Wednesday. It's going to be Portuguese 24/7. I'm pretty pumped! I've already decided that when I get there I"m not speaking any English. I'm just tossing that language to the side for now. I'm also praying for a Braziliian companion. That would be a huge help. But mostly I'm praying for the gift of tongues. I don't want to go for the entire rest of my mission struggling to communicate. Because I mean there are so many people that need the gospel and I need to talk to them! I know the Lord doesn't want language to be a barrier, but as with everything else, I have to put in the work first and he makes up the rest. I've got a brain for a reason.

I'm super excited to get down there, but I'm sad to be leaving. So rather than being on one huge emotional roller coaster all the time, I feel pretty neutral. I mean as neutral as I get. Does that make sense? What I'm saying is that I'm not crying because I'm leaving nor am I bouncing off the walls. It's pretty weird. Being a missionary is a constant play on your emotions. Haha.

I really can't think of anything else to talk about that happened this week. It just flew by. I can't believe it. 

Oh! I had someone call from "New Jersey" the other day. I put that in quotes because it had 12 digits in the phone number and when I answered it was someone from the Sao Paulo MTC. I had a mini-language assessment. They asked me questions in Portuguese and I had to respond. Pretty simple. I think I did fine. I'm just stinky at conjugating verbs. And when she asked me how I felt about getting called to Brazil, I was trying to tell her how I studied French for 6 years and it was a surprise. It came out that I studied French for 6 weeks instead. So I'm sure she thought I was a little weird that I thought I might go French-speaking after studying for 6 weeks. Oh well. I hear there are a certain number of mistakes you have to make before you're fluent in a language. You can be sure that I'm well on my way there. 

Bah! I just can't wait to reread the talks from General Conference!! They were seriously amazing. I love em!

Well, that's all for now folks! See ya on the other side of the hemisphere!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Love you!

Sister Baker

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