September 6, 2013 REASSIGNMENT!!!

I got it!! Oregon Salem Mission! I just found out and I´m leaving tomorrow! There´s so much to do I´m kinda freaking out!!

So funny story. 

Last night I got a package from Kaleena McKell (which was SO WONDERFUL. I took pictures) and I was sitting on the floor devouring some goodies. Sister S also got this massive package that she was opening up and it was full of yummy food. So it was just us two in the room and we didn't know where everyone else went. Probably showering and stuff. Anyways, so I'm sitting there, snacking, and I open up your first dear elder and I read the first line. I had no idea that was coming, and I was just in complete shock. It was so unexpected that I just turned to Sister S and was told her what you told me. Then we both started screaming and she started getting red and crying, then I got a bit teary. I was screaming and freaking out, so I ran down the hall to tell some other sisters in my zone and we were all just freaking out. It was pretty great. I decided to wait until all the sisters in my district cane back to tell them. Sister L was dying. She wanted to know so bad. Haha. But it took forever for everyone to come, then I told them, then all was well in Zion. 

So we all opened up our reassignments about 10 minutes ago. Our district opened it with the district right next to us, because we're all good friends and came in the MTC the same day and whatnot. So it was a lot of reassignments and happiness and freaking out. There are several people that are going to Washington and Oregon. Sister L is going to Portland! They couldn't handle us in the same mission I guess. Too much crazy. But I'm the only sister that I know of that's going to Salem, and I'm the only one that's leaving tomorrow. So it's officially my pday! So much to do!!!

Some flight info (because I know you and especially dad love that stuff):

I'm flying Delta flight 2189. I'm sure you could find the information just from that, but I leave at 8:32 am and arrive at 9:18 am. So I have to be at the missionary travel office at 4:30 tomorrow morning! If I could put 4:30 in all caps I would! Like I said, so much to do in so little time! 

Yesterday we had in-field orientation (basically a bunch of cool meetings) and they were talking about how next week we would be participating in ward councils and other meetings. That's THIS week for me! AHHH! 

I still have my calling card so I'll call you when I land! 

I'm going to creep on my new mission and I'll check back in a bit. 

Tchau tchau! I love you!!!!!

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