September 16, 2013 A Whole Lot of Awesomeness Going On

Working at a Food Drive in Oregon

 We got an email from a wonderful lady who lives in Oregon.  She sent us this picture of Katie and her companions.  She wrote this email to each family about these three missionaries.  I love her!

Your daughters are all serving in my ward in Oregon.  We had a day of service yesterday where our ward

collected food for the County food bank.  They could not go out and collect food, but they were at the drop off
place and helped  fill the tote with food.   Our ward collected 850 pounds to contribute to the Stake total of 17,000
pounds.  They had a great time visiting and helping.
We are grateful to each of you for sharing your daughters.  We love having the Sisters in our Ward.
They are doing great things in our Ward.
I don't have children, but have had enough friends over the years who have had children serve missions
and I know how excited they are to get pictures of their missionaries....so just wanted to
share with you what they were up to yesterday morning.
Kathy Lazott

So this is what has been going on: a whole lot of awesomeness! We stay busy and it's great!
Wednesday: We did a lot of contacting with less actives and recent converts. Then that night we went to this Relief Society service auction. Between the three of us, we ended up scoring big time! I got this huge basket of apples and like 10 homemade cinnamon rolls, then the other sisters got loaves of bread and a pie. And members of the ward give us food all the time. So it's awesome.
Thursday: We did a lot of tracting and it just so happened to be the hottest day of the year or something. Around a hundred degrees. We were only outside for short bursts so it was ok, but still hot. I just kept thinking to myself, "this isn't that bad!" You know, I have to keep it all in perspective. We visited this investigator named J, who is really cool. But he goes off on tangents all the time.
Then we did weekly planning, which took forever. Mostly because I had no idea what was going on. I met the neighbor's kids & gave them some of the chocolates that Kaleena McKell gave me. They have scripture quotes on them, so I told them about the Book of Mormon and Christ and all sorts of cool stuff. They're cute kids. We also have dinner at members' houses every night, which is really fun. It's nice to actually get to know the members too. And Sister T and H said whenever they ask me to say a prayer I can do it in Portuguese. They're helping me practice and keep up as much as I can.
Friday: I went to my first zone conference, which was fun. They asked me to say the opening prayer on the spot, so I just did it in Portuguese. I think I might have freaked everyone out for a bit, because afterwards the zone leaders explained that I'm waiting for my visa and whatnot. Then after the meeting I had to pass off a few memorizations and role plays. It wasn't hard at all, but the other sisters there were struggling a little bit. I guess it's just because I've had 4 more weeks of practice than they have. The zone leaders were pretty impressed with me (which definitely made me feel good) and said they didn't have any critiques! That was surprising. But I'm also working on memorizing everything in English and Portuguese. Afterwards we did some more contacting and went to the house of a member's daughter. We talked to them for a while and the mom agreed to let us teach her. Sister T said when she first got here, she would have never thought she would teach that family. So awesome!
Saturday: In the morning we helped out with a community food drive. Since we weren't allowed to go door to door with our name tags on, we stayed at the collection station and helped load food into this huge cardboard box. Sister T even jumped in there a few times. She's a hoot.
I'm supposed to be doing four hours of study a day (personal, companion, training, and language), but it's hard to get it done because of all of our appointments! I've ended up doing language study stuff in the car on the way to and from appointments, but it's still hard to get it all in.
Sunday: We had two of our investigators come to church, which was awesome! One is from a part-member/less active family, and the other is getting baptized in a few weeks. We asked L (the one getting baptized) how she felt after church. She said she felt at home, really peaceful, and kind of like deja vu. So cool! We've also got almost our entire week planned out down to the hour! We're trying to get more members at lessons, go on splits, and things like that. So this week is going to be crazy busy!
Today we got to go shopping! A sister in our ward drove us to a shopping center and we got to go to TARGET! It was great. I got a rainjacket. I figure it's already getting pretty drizzly, and I'll probably want one when I get back for BYU, so I got one. It's gray and super cute. After this I'm planning on going home and taking a nap! I'm so excited!!!

 1. Is it getting cold there yet? Not too bad. It's mostly really nice outside. When it gets breezy, I put on a cardigan.

2.  Have you had any great teaching experiences? Umm. We haven't taught very many formal, sit down lessons. We mostly stop by people's houses, see how they're doing, and share a message because they either don't want to come to church or are getting back into coming to church. So we're just there to let them know they're loved.

3.  What kind of service have you done this week? We helped move wood at a member's home. The mom is a member, but the dad isn't. They live out in the country on a farm. She's pretty much the pioneer woman.

4. Who are the missionaries in your district? I really don't know. I only know my companions and my district leader, Elder M.

5.  Do you have mostly Elders or is it pretty even with sisters? At the zone meeting, there were about 8 sisters and twice as many elders. I'm not sure how that compares with the rest of the mission, though.

6.  Do you get to go watch the General Relief Society Broadcast on September 29th? I think so. I heard about it, so we're probably going to invite our investigators.

7.  What is your apartment like? Any pictures? I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I have a bunch from the MTC that I'm trying to attach.

8.  What do you do on P-Day? Email, laundry, clean, wash the car, shop, sleep. That's about it. Oh, and study. A lot.

9.  How's your Portuguese study coming? Ehh. It's ok. It would be better if I was in Brazil, of course. But I do what I can. I pray aloud almost entirely in Portuguese.

10.  What was the best thing that happened this week? The B family letting us come teach them!

11. Did anything funny happen this week? Funny stuff happens all the time, but nothing in particular. We played ninja last night at the Allen home. It's good to know there are other ninja-loving families out there.

12. Do you have any questions for us? I want to know what everyone is up to!!

13.  How often do new missionaries enter your mission?  Every six weeks? I'm not exactly sure.

14.  Do you need anything? Just love! Oh! Some healthy snacks would be awesome! I feel like I'm always so crunched for time when we go shopping, and never pick out snacks. And I LOVE my shampoo bar. I bet I say that every week, but it rocks. If you feel inclined to send another one, I wouldn't mind :)

15.  Have you heard of any other visa waiters besides for Brazil in your mission there in Oregon? Nope. I don't get much news about anything.
Well I've got to go. But I love you! Happy late birthday Colin!!!
Peace & blessins!
Sister Baker

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