September 9, 2013 1st Week!!!

This is starting my first official week as a missionary! What?! Crazy, I know. Sometimes I feel like someone's going to pinch me and I'll wake up or something.

Grammie's Questions
1. Where are your 2 companions from? 
Sister T is from Payson, UT, Sister H is from Tucson, AZ
2. Do you have an apartment or living with members? 
An apartment. They put up streamers and nifty signs welcoming me to my new home. It was so sweet!
3. How big is your tracking area? 
I'm not sure. Probably about as big as our ward. It's hard to tell because I have no idea where we are most of the time.
4. Were there any other missionaries that are in your mission besides the sister that you flew to Oregon with that were at the MTC
    with you?
Nope, just her. She's actually going to Natal, too!
Mom's Questions

1.  Are you going to be riding bikes or do you ever get a car? We have a car. Super snazzy.

2.  What is your mailing address for the mission? 700 Deborah Rd. Suite 260 Newberg, OR 97132

3.  Did President Samuelian or any of the others give you any good advice? In the car ride on the way to the temple, he talked a lot about faith and fear. Just about how we can't have faith or teach people how to have faith when we're scared. It's one of Satan's most effective tools on the mission, because we aren't tempted by things that would normally tempt us. If he can get us to keep our mouths closed because we're afraid then he's done his job.

4.  What questions did you have for President Samuelian? I was going to ask about my Chacos, then I realized my feet were cold in my flats. So I didn't because I would sound dumb.

5.  What is Sister Samuelian like? She's really nice! She was the one that greeted us first at the airport. She's just an all-around sweet lady. And they're super cute together. President Samuelian said that you made him cry. He said you are a wonderful mother. :) I think so too!

6.  Tell me about your companions?  Where are they from, etc? Sister T- Payson, UT, a total cowgirl, senior companion/trainer, hilarious, super outgoing. Sister H - Tucson, AZ, went to BYUI, Sister T says we're a lot alike, we quote movies a lot. 

7.  How was your first Sunday at church?  Did you have to introduce yourself?  What did you say?  Did you represent NC well?haha Of course I represented NC! I introduced myself to about a thousand different people and remember about 10 names. I introduced myself in Relief Society. Everyone was super nice. Everyone's been asking why I don't have a southern accent. Maybe I should start faking one or something... Just kidding. That would count as bearing false witness.

8.  Do people sign up to feed you there like we do for our missionaries here or do you have to cook for yourselves? We have dinner appointments pretty much every night. We have a lunch and dinner appointment today. I bet Trevor's rolling his eyes right now or scoffing or something like that. Yeah, the members are really good to us. 

9.  Do you use ipads in your mission? Not that I know of.

10.  Do they know that other missions are using ipads? Probably. It hasn't come up.

11.  What is the town like? It's a super small town. We cover about 4 of those small towns in our area. It's confusing because we'll drive five minutes, pass a field, then be in a new town. But I like it. It's actually pretty green like NC. They just have more of the evergreen trees.

12.  Will you send me a picture of your mission map?  I'd like to know what the boundaries are. I'll take a picture when we get back to our apartment tonight. 

13.  How do you feel now that you are there? Pretty good. I don't know how to explain it, I feel like a real missionary, but it's also hard that I'm not in Brazil. I kinda don't know what to expect. I could leave any day, you know? 

14.  Are there many visa waiters for Brazil in your mission? I'm not sure. I only know of us two.

15.  How many missionaries are there in your mission? about 170 I think. President Samuelian said they had 135 or something like that when the mission opened in July.

16.  Do you go tracting or mainly follow up on referrals? We mostly contact less active members and their families, teach lessons, and contact referrals. 

17.  Where do you go to do your emails on p-day? We're at our ward building in the family history center.

18.  Have you taught anyone there yet? We've taught probably 5 or 6 lessons since I've been here. I haven't done any real teaching yet. I mostly just comment on things. Yesterday I gave a spiritual thought at a member's home. They enjoyed it, I think. 

Anywhoo! Life is good, keeping busy! Keepin' on keepin' on. I'm trying to find time today to respond to the wonderful letters I've gotten!

I love you & the Church is true!

Sister Baker

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