September 23, 2013 Attacked by a Cat? No, just Blackberry Bushes! Haha

This week has gone by so fast! But it's awesome, and I love it!
Tuesday we had a conference with all the sisters of the mission. It was really cool to see. There were about 50 of us, President Samuelian, and Sister Samuelian. He first talked about rescuing souls. He said that before and after this life, we rescue souls. So what do you think we're here to do now? Rescue souls, of course! So here I am, rescuing souls in Oregon. I love it. President also talked about studying. We need the spiritual strength and guidance that comes from the scriptures, and good daily scripture study will get us there. So I've been trying to focus more on my personal study. Be more diligent and study with my investigators in mind. That sort of stuff. So far it's been a huge help. President also talked about the fact that Salem is a new mission. The Lord would not open a new mission here if there are not people here prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel. He just wouldn't. And the same goes for Natal! There are people being prepared to learn about Christ and our job is to find them and teach them.
Clearly the conference got me super pumped. We've set high goals for this week and are following President's advice, "If you can think it, you can do it!" Nos podemos! Nos podemos!
Wednesday we had a kick-booty planning session. That was sah-weeeet. And this week is going to be awesome. Oh, and then one of our investigators went into the hospital because of his liver. He said he was in the hospital in Kaiser, which is the name of our stake. So we assumed it would be in our mission boundaries, got permission from the ZLs to leave our area, and a member took us to the hospital. Apparently the hospital is in Keizer. Near Portland. Yeah. Not in our boundaries. So we're at the hospital freaking out, called the ZLs and they're kinda irked, and our member is like ehhh no big deal. We were at the hospital literally about 15 minutes. I mean we're on the boundary of the mission, so it didn't seem like the hospital would be out of mission boundaries or anything. It just felt really uncomfortable the whole time.
Thursday was exchanges. Sister F (a sister training leader) came with us for a day, while Sister H went into Salem with Sister W. It was a really fun day. Sister F is going home after this transfer and she is a seasoned pro! I was just learning from everything she did, absorbing it up like a sponge. We also had a lesson with a member's friend, which was awesome. He said he would be baptized if he found out the church is true. But we're letting the ZLs teach him, because he would be going to the YSA ward, and they're over that ward.
Friday we had an awesome lesson with J. J is hard to teach sometimes because he just goes off on random tangents and forgets how he was going to relate it to what we were talking about, so just keeps talking anyway. But he's a good guy. We were worried we would have to drop him because he wasn't progressing, but he's progressing now! He read Alma 32 and we had an awesome discussion on faith. I can see that the Spirit is starting to touch him, and I know it's because of the Book of Mormon. It changes lives, people! And I'm starting to take on a bigger role in lessons. At first I had a hard time saying things because either Jerome would be talking, or Sister T or H would be talking. So it was hard to get a word in. But now I'm starting to teach more. It's awesome. I've also learned that the Spirit helps me teach most often through scriptures. Like I will be sitting in the lesson listening, and a scripture will pop into my head that relates perfectly. It's so cool! Because scriptures explain things much more profoundly than I ever can! And I'm surprised I remember that many random scriptures. It's definitely the Spirit, that's for sure.
Saturday started off with service at our investigator G's house. We helped her clear out blackberry bushes from the back of her house for about two hours. It wouldn't have been hard at all except for the vicious thorns on the bushes. Let's just say Sister T told me I look like I got mauled by a cat. I told her she should see the cat. But my battle scars are pretty sweet. Haha.
Sunday we had to drop one of our investigators. It was sad. But that's how Satan tempts us on missions! We're here to find those that are prepared, and teaching people that aren't progressing at all can be a waste of time sometimes. Harsh, but true. Oh and Sunday we ate like five tons of food. I don't know how it happened, but people just kept giving us food. I need to practice how to politely turn down food, especially for Brazil.
That's awesome about Trevor Jackson! BRAZIL!!! Tell both Trevors to stop being lame and write me an email! : )
How are things with dad's work?
Well I love you a ton! Gotta go. Keep on keepin' on!
Sister Baker

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