December 30, 2013 Happy New Year!

Hello errybody!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with friends and family! Or investigators and less-actives for you cool missionaries. Our Christmas season was full of two things: illness and miracles. After being sick for about a week straight, I got pink eye for Christmas! Yeah, so that was pretty fun. I'm currently on antibiotics and all is well in building up the kingdom. (when I spell kingdom I always have to say "king" in my mind or else I get the g and the d mixed up.)

This is how my pink eye went down. I'm pretty sure I caught it somewhere on Christmas Eve because I woke up on Christmas with nasty crusty eyes. I'm sure you wanted to know that. But I pretty much brushed it off because my eyes weren't bothering me. But by the end of the day one of my eyes was swollen and goopy. I'm sure you wanted to know that, too. So we went to our bishop's on Christmas and when he saw me the first thing he said was, "your eye is booger-y." Yeah bishop. Thanks. So he's a PA and wrote me a prescription right there. Except I couldn't fill it until the next day. You know, everything's closed on Christmas and whatnot. So that's fine. But I woke up with my eye swollen shut the next day. I looked ridiculous. And probably a bit freaky. It's definitely for the best that I was home-bound because I would have scared so many children. 

So I was in quarantine a lot of this week, but it was all honky dory because Sister J got to go on splits a few times and rock the work. Miracle there! 

My highlight of the week was, of course, W!!! AHH I just love her!! If you met W you would love her too. She's just the bomb.com. So Sister J and I made gingerbread cookie dough for our investigators, less-actives we're working with, and some members that help us out a lot. Sister C (the member we live with) helped out a lot too because I was sick. Don't want to be spreading those germs with the Christmas spirit! We were told to make visits on Christmas by invitation only and we figured if we showed up with cookie dough they would invite us in. Makes sense, right? Yeah, it totally worked. So we showed up at W's house on Christmas with our goodies and being the rockstar she is, invited us right in. It was awesome because her husband was there in the living room watching tv. And he stayed, turned off the tv, and talked with us! He's a football coach at the high school, so he loves to talk sports. I really don't know that much about football, but I'm a good listener and in high school I just kind of soaked a lot of stuff in even though I don't know what it means. So I talked to him a little about football, basically name-dropping my way through it. It was awesome. We got to show him that we're normal people, not just random missionaries that are trying to "Mormon-ize" his wife. Because that's not true. Anyway, he invited us to come back and talk to him again (meaning about football), but we'll totally get him talking about the gospel soon. :) Bahhhh I just love W. And she didn't even care that I was there with pink eye! Don't worry, I hand sanitized. 

And then yesterday was... interesting. We're working with a recent-ish convert/somewhat less-active named J and his mom. So J got engaged a few weeks ago and shocked us all. Then he told us that he's removing his records of the Church because his fiance A wants to marry a Christian. (Uhh... J?) And then yesterday they show up together at church. He's just full of surprises. A is such a sweetheart and just seemed kind of overwhelmed being there. We were planning on giving her a church tour a few days before, but she was sick so we didn't think she would come. But A doesn't understand that we're Christians and even though we've explained it multiple times, it hasn't clicked yet. And then J explains everything to her as, "the Mormons do this..." Not "we" but "the Mormons." Hey J, you're a Mormon too. Just in case you forgot. Oh bless his heart. I need to be more patient. But A is willing to learn about the Church while J is ready to abandon ship. Like he's already got his floaties ready. It's rough. But it's gonna be awesome.

So those are some of the highlights of this week. 

OH! I almost forgot. So we've been seeing a less-active named C and his living partner named R. She's the one that has interesting beliefs. We dropped off some cookie dough and chatted for a bit. Chatting with them basically consists of listening to her share and then discuss where our doctrine differs. We're kind of reminding C while teaching R. But C always suggests he say a closing prayer (yeahhhh!) and he starts talking about me getting my visa. It went a little bit like this: "And please bless ....... Sister ...... Chreest-oh that she'll get her visa soon." Sister J had opened her eyes during the prayer to see C a few inches away from my name tag, squinting in the dim lights to read my name. Hahaha I just about died. Seriously. 

So I'm excited for the new year and to make resolutions and goals and what not. It's gonna rock. And we also activated Facebooks on Saturday! Boo yah. We're convinced it's pretty much for W so we can show her Mormon Messages. Every video we've tried to have her look up, she hasn't been able to find. So it's like manna from heaven to just link it to her page. The Lord provides! Hurrah!!

But I love you all! I'm so proud off all the work you are all doing! 

Keep on keeping on and remember who you are and what you stand for!!

Sister Baker

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