January 6, 2014 New Year, New Area

Hello hello!

It feels like a year since the last time I emailed. Once again the Lord threw me for a loop and I've been transferred to Salem! I'm new serving in the Young Single Adult branch! Ahhh I'm so stoaked! And my new companion, Sister P, and I are training a new missionary! She gets in this Wednesday I think. Pretty crazy stuff. 

I think this computer is set in Spanish because about 75% of my words are underlined in red. It looks kind of weird. 

I'm going to be honest, I'm having a hard time remembering everything that happened this week... I usually bring my journal and share the highlights, but my journal is in on of my suitcases. 

But I'm really going to miss Sweet Home. It's a weird feeling leaving the people I love a whole bunch. 

All the red is tripping out my eyes. I'll be sending pictures and captions :)

Love you!
 Sister Baker
True story. This one never gets old! Ha!
Yayy!! Splits with the Young Women

Oh hayy Tuttle family. I'm gonna miss them!!    

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