November 25, 2013 It's beginning to look a lot like a new transfer...

Sing that in your head like that Christmas song. Just do it.

So today starts transfer 3 out in the field for me! Weird, huh?! Sister J and I are picking up another sister today, so I'll be in a trio again! Whooohooo. Love me some trios. They're fun. We're a little cramped for space in our room, but it's gonna be awesome. I think President Samuelian wants us in a trio just in case my visa comes through. I mean it probably won't anytime soon, but just in case. I was hoping to spend both Natals in Natal, but I'm down for whatever happens. 

Last p-day after we emailed, we went to the stake center for a zone p-day. We just ended up playing volleyball for 3 hours, but I saw a friend from my BYU ward, Elder Lima. He kept calling me Katie and I'm like "homeboy you can't call me that!" Except I didn't say homeboy. It was kinda funny though. 

Then later that day a member called and asked what we would be doing that night. We told him that we were going to try to contact a referral he gave us. Then he was like well just be at my house at 7 and we'll have a lesson with him. It was pretty sweet. His name is R and he's really interested. He talked about busting out his blue pinstripe suit for church and how he's been missing something in his life and he wants to change. He was going to come to church yesterday, but Brother L (the member) was sick and I guess didn't give him a ride or something. I wish we would have known he was sick so we could have found a ride for R. But alas. C'est la vie. And we have a lesson with him tonight. It's gonna be awesome. 

We need to help our ward with fellowshipping. We had three investigators at church yesterday, and two of them were sitting by themselves! Not okay. We had already said we would sit by a less active family and tried to arrange for some friendshipping, but it just didn't happen. Our ward seems super excited about missionary work, so we've got to help them put that desire into action. It's a work in progress. As is everything else. 

We also had a lesson with our investigator D (the one that made the amazing pies). Yeah so he tried to drop us yesterday, saying that he isn't going to join the church and has a hard time with the Book of Mormon.  So we just talked it out and it seems like he understands the purpose of the Book of Mormon more, but still has concerns. The hard thing is that he has a hard time expressing what they are, so we're a bit stuck. Our ward mission leader lives down the street from him and went by to introduce himself. D told him basically what he told us. That he didn't want to disappoint us, yadda yadda yadda. So D didn't  think we would come back. Ha! I don't think he realizes how persistent we are. Maybe he does now. But we're going to still work with him, because he's awesome.

Let's see... What else is going on in Sweet Home? As a mission we've been reading through the four gospels and there's optional reading of Jesus the Christ. So I've been reading a chapter of Jesus the Christ a day, and Sister J and I have been reading through the corresponding verses in the scriptures. It's been awesome! I've always heard about and read some of the miracles Jesus performed, but it's different to actually read it yourself. We've been calling it "coming to know Christ for Christ-mas". Read it. Live it. Love it. 

That's pretty much all the exciting stuff that's been going on here. There are lots of leaves on the ground, but none of them are crunchy because of the humidity. That's pretty disappointing.

Aight. Sista B out. Keep it real kiddos. 

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