December 23, 2013 Merry Christmas!!

Hello Hello and Merry Christmas!

This week has kind of been all over the place. In both a good and bad way I guess. 

Last week we went to this thrift store called Trash to Treasure and I found the COOLEST sweatshirt. Emma will be jealous, I just know it. When I saw it, I started freaking out. You know how I do. I'll attach a picture. But it's all 80s and says "Jazzercise" and "Oregon" on it!!! How sweet is that! Merry early Christmas to me!

Tuesday we got stuck in the mud on the way to visit a less active couple. Luckily they knew we were coming and helped us out. It was pretty embarrassing. Not for us really. Mostly for the car. I even got out to push and it just made the car shake. The picture looks pretty pathetic, but it really was stuck! No traction at all. Anyway, we got out of it fine. And it makes for a good story. You've got to get stuck in the mud at least once on your mission, right?
Wednesday we had a Mission Conference up in Salem with the Samuelians. So. Much. Fun. It wasn't the entire mission, just a third. But we listened to President and Sister Samuelian talk about Christ and Christmas. It was awesome!! They're just amazing. After the devotional part we had dinner, then each district had about ten minutes to come up with a Christmas-y skit that would last a few minutes. A few elders had the idea to have a "silent night" and just stand there silently for a few minutes. Uhhh. No thanks. But we couldn't really think of anything else and everything kept coming back to the fact (sort of) that Sister Baker knows how to rap. So this is how our skit went down. It's a "new tracting techniques" video introduced by one of the elders wearing a santa beard and a hat. Four elders knock on a mans door and start singing Christmas carols. The guy is totally bored and uninterested, and this is where the sistas step in. We see this all from a few yards away and come in with a beat and rapping and pure awesomeness. The guy at the door starts doing a happy dance and takes a Book of Mormon. And the crowd goes wild.

Yeah. That's what's up. It was pretty fun. The other three sisters pulled off a good beat and I rapped it up. Even though I couldn't really be heard, it was fun. President Samuelian was super impressed. He said "You can take the girl out of Charlotte, but you can't take Charlotte out of the girl!" Haha. What a hoot. 

President and Sister Samuelian also made up a Oregon Salem Mission version of the 12 Days of Christmas. I was grateful for the personal shout-out as one of the "7 visa-waiters". Good times, good times.

And the elder in my district that's going to Brazil too got his visa! I'm super excited for him. He's been waiting a transfer longer than I have. 

So then after that the week has kind of spiraled downward. 

One of our less active members takes care of one of our investigators because she's homebound to a wheelchair. Well the LA member had a mental breakdown and didn't go help our gator all day. That's a long time to be stuck in a chair. So we called around and had a member who does hospice care come help us figure things out. The member couldn't actually do anything to help without consent from the doctor or she would lose her license, and our investigator just couldn't understand that for some reason. We think the lack of medical care was effecting her brain functions. Anyways. It was just a whole lot of mess with a whole lot more details. We were so lucky that our Bishop's wife told us to call this member to help because otherwise we could have been in legal trouble if we tried to help our gator ourselves. 

That was Friday. Then Saturday I woke up with a fever and some other junk. So we stayed home all day. And our Bishop (who is a PA) told us not to come to church yesterday, too. So we were in quarantine this weekend and I'm still not feeling so hot so we're going back home to sleep today. I don't think I've ever slept this much during the day because of a sickness. It's kind of a weird feeling. It also feels really weird just to be home all day. I get the urge to go out and do something, then I walk to the living room and I'm worn out. It's a pain. Hopefully we'll be better after today because we've got some big plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas! We've got things to do! People to see! I can't have some stinkin' virus holding me back!

Random side note: I got a new journal a while back. It's pretty big. And I had the thought, I wonder which will come first: the end of the journal or my visa? 

It's like the tootsie roll commercial. The world may never know...

So that's all for this week! This upcoming week is going to be awesome, I just know it! Sister J and I are planning on spreading love and happiness and peace and all sorts of other goodies. We're making stuff to take to less-actives, investigators, and members. I'm so excited! Feel the Spirit of Christ this Christmas!

Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Keep on keepin' on!

Love you all,
Sister Baker

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