October 7, 2013 It Rains a lot Here!

Another week has flown by in the OSM. It's pretty sweet stuff. Time flies like crazy here. Mornings are kind of slow, but once lunch hits we're going nonstop until we come home. I love it!
So this week has been the bomb.com. We got to go to the Portland temple on Tuesday and it was wonderful! The temple is so pretty! I sent some pictures for your viewing pleasure. It's made of all marble. So cool!
On Thursday, we were driving in the car to visit a less active member, and as we passed a street Sister T was like "we need to go tract that street. now." Sister H and I are like, alrighty then. So we go to the top of the street and start tracting a few houses. The fifth house we knock on, a woman answers the door and we introduce ourselves and the church. Then she's like, "well, do you want to come in and have a meeting?" Do we want to come in and have a meeting?!? Well YEAH! So we go into her house and teach her the restoration and about the Book of Mormon. She already knows a little bit about the church because she watches the BYU channel with her family. What?! Not even very many members do that! She told us she watches the family programs on there and that her daughter that's in 7th grade is looking into going to BYU. Whoa. So I told her about the school and how awesome it is. Yeah, that was an awesome experience. Apparently she's in the process of moving to that house and she doesn't know exactly when she'll be at that house. So we're going to try to go back before she leaves.
Our lessons with our other investigators are going really well! One investigator, her name is Gina. She's super funny and talkative, and she told us these awesome stories about how she's felt the spirit, but never realized that's what it was until we told her. During the lesson, the spirit was really strong, so that's awesome! The spirit is the one that's going to do the teaching, not me. So without it, we're all lost.
Our other investigator, Jerome came to church last Sunday for sacrament meeting. (except he was late so he missed the sacrament) Then he left right afterwards. We thought he really didn't like it or something because he seemed kind of put off, but when we talked to him about it, he said he liked it a lot and he wants to come again. Yeah buddy! We taught him again about the plan of salvation, and talked in particular about the fall. He got so into that lesson! It was probably the best lesson we've had with him! He had never considered the idea that partaking of the fruit was necessary and the role of agency in the plan. He soaked it all up like a sponge. We pretty much taught him all we knew about the fall, because that's what he needed and he totally understood it. And we had an awesome member of the ward come with us and she helped the lesson so much. Lessons always go better when members are there, that's for sure. Right as we were about to leave he asked us if we believe if we can become gods after we die. Yeah... so we're working on that one and how we're going to tackle it. That's deep stuff.
Let's see... CONFERENCE! General conference was awesome!! We watched each session at a different members' house. I didn't catch much from the first session because the members we're talking off and on. That was pretty annoying. They're just a bit loud all the time, bless their hearts. But they're a super nice family. I think my favorite talk was by Elder Ballard. He talked about missionaries and members coming and working together. That's definitely the problem we've seen in this ward. We're trying to get members to come with us to lessons, give rides, etc. and it's not working to well. I've only talked to the bishop a handful of times because he's kind of hard to get ahold of. He's a super nice guy, and a great bishop, but he's very busy. So we're meeting with him sometime this week. Our ward is one of the busiest in the mission (I think that's what President said), but we've still got some improving to do.
I've been wanting to run more. It's hard because it's pretty dark outside when we wake up, but I like going outside anyway. I think I ran about a mile this morning. The other sisters aren't too keen on running all the time, so I just run back and forth as they walk.
I ate 19 waffles this week! Boom babay! Those frozen eggo waffles. I'm not buying those again this week. haha. And that's probably why I wanted to start running. It had to be something pretty intense to motivate me to run, you know?!
I think that's pretty much what's been going on this week. Oh and the members give us too much crap food. That has to stop. We have an entire pie and about a pound of cookie dough in our fridge right now. It makes me sick thinking about it.
Well I love you and hope everything is going well!
Love ya!
Sister Baker

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