October 21, 2013 Home Sweet Home

Hey errybody,

This week has kind of dragged on but at the same time it's been a blur. P-day last week didn't really feel like it at all with getting settled in and everything. So I'm definitely going to take a nap today. 

Going to a new area and meeting a million different people and being expected to remember everyone's name is tough. I just got down the names in North Marion and now I have to start all over. I think this time I'm catching on to names faster. It's nice because Sister J introduces me to people whereas Sister T & H both knew everyone and I would just stand there awkwardly for a bit until I could figure out who they were. So it's different but nice at the same time.

1.        How is your new area? 
It's good. A super small town and a lot of people are related. I like it because Main Street is actually the main street in the town! Hurrah! You know how I've always said that I want to live in a small town next to a big city? Well, eureka. I found it. If it was closer to Portland that would be cool, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. And there are people that bike everywhere so there are bike lanes. I love that! It's irritating to be reliant on cars all the time like in Charlotte.

2.       Who is your companion and where is she from, etc.? Her name is Sister J. She's from Driggs, Idaho, went to BYU-I for some fancy degree that means she can play with kids and teach preschoolers. Yep. She reminds me of Lorna Graves mixed with Aunt Sharon. It's weird. Some days one is more prominent than the other, so it's always an adventure. Oh and her last companion was pretty much an angel--Quiet, super Christ-like, loves puppies, the works. I think they were always frantically doing stuff and pretty much never breathed. So we're working on planning more effectively instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It's hard right now because I know about 4 people. We're working on that...

3.       Is your new area much different from where you were before?  
Yes and no I guess. (Ha! That's such a historian's answer. Dad-you're rubbing off on me.) Our area is just this individual town rather than three or four little towns and we don't drive in the country all that much. Although when we go to district meetings in Lebanon, we drive through these beautiful tree-covered mountains/hills/whatever you want to call them. It reminds me of Asheville or something. 

4.       Are you missing Mama Chisolm?  : )
 Of course! She's the bomb.com. And I miss the Hansons a lot too (Hey Sister Hanson!!) They rock. And I can tell you're getting into those smiley faces, mom. :) 

5.       Do you still have a car?  
Yep. It's the same type of car that we had in North Marion. But we've been short on miles lately so we've been riding bikes a lot. Let me tell you, riding a bike in a skirt is not fun. I'm glad I got that skirt from Goodwill that's longer. It makes riding not quite as awkward. Sister J wears leggings and tucks her skirt into them, but I didn't bring leggings. You want to know why? Because Natal is about 90 degrees all year long!! Bah. Frustrating. So I've worn that one long skirt like three times this week. I'm washing it today, don't worry. But it's times like those that I think I would rather have just been called to the OSM and be prepared for the weather. I'm happy to be here and all, I just wish I could have known beforehand. Ok. Rant over. 

6.       How is your apartment? 
We actually live with members. It's awesome! They're awesome! Except they have these two dogs that freak me out. I just call them doggies instead of their names because I can never remember them. But our room is really nice. It's pretty much like living in a hotel with a great cook that offers to feed us several times a week.

7.       Is the weather getting colder? 
Yep. You bet I've been wearing a cardigan every day. And my raincoat even though it doesn't really help with the cold haha.

8.       Are you going to send me lots of pictures?  I can’t wait to see them.    
 Yeah I'll work on it. It just takes forever to upload them.

9.       Do you need anything? 
 I really want to respond to those letters, so if you could send those that would be awesome. Whatever you want to send, I will welcome with open arms! I loved that last package you sent!

10.   Have you been taking your vitamins? 
When I remember :)

11.   Can you send me your testimony? (It doesn’t have to be right now, but sometime).  
Yep, I'll work on that. Gotta get it good. 

12.   What was the best thing that happened this week? 
 We saw a guy in a bear costume with a Pink Floyd shirt on. Apparently he took apart a 5'3" stuffed teddy bear. He wasn't interested in hearing about the church, though. 

13.   How is your new ward?
 Pretty good. I feel like when people find out I'm waiting on my visa, they automatically assume I'm not going to work hard. I'm going to prove them wrong! Oh and I've been trying to work on being humble. I think I said that last week but I'm still working on it. I've got a ways to go, that's for sure. 

Welp, I love you. Trevor, send me another email. You too, Dad. Go spread the gospel and be a member missionary! And if the missionaries ask if you can come to a lesson, just say yes. Just do it. Please. :)
Find the one! -Elder Ballard

Sister Baker

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