January 28, 2014 Hoo-rah for Israel!

Hey there hayyy!

How's the work in your neck of the woods?! Because in Salem YSA it's rocking and rolling. Seriously. YSA is the place to be. 

I can't even remember everything that happened this week, but you should be assured that it was the bomb.com

So Sister A had been sick for quite a few days and had been having trouble sleeping at night. So one night early this week she was up coughing a lot, so I asked her if she wanted to get a priesthood blessing. She said yes but a bit uneasy because it was like 11 at night. Either way I called the district leader and it was amazing that he actually answered the phone. We definitely woke him up. But long story short we got our district leader, his companion, another companionship, and our Branch President over within 15 minutes to give Sister A a blessing. It was one of the sweetest blessings I've ever heard and now she's perfectly fine. The priesthood is real!!! Seriously. It is. I love it!

Remember the trip we took last week up to the Portland temple? Yeah me too. Well a recent convert named S invited her friend W to come with us, and this week we got to have our first lesson with him. Lemme just say, he's SO PREPARED. He looooved the temple and totally felt the Spirit. He already has a Book of Mormon and has committed to be baptized on February 15th! YEAH BUDDY! And get this, at the first lesson we had with him, he brought his friend named R who is awesome too! R didn't seem that interested at first, but later this week we took all three of them on a church tour and he felt the Spirit and wants to know more. He even told S that he liked meeting with us and felt really good at the church. Now that's what I'm talking about! They love basketball and it's great because so does just about every other YSA in Salem. So we hooked them up with some members this week and it was great. Sister P even played with them. I'm sure you know why I didn't play... Basketball & I don't mix all that well. But I do enjoy watching! 

Oh yeah, WE HAVE IPADS! How could I forget about that?! Sister P went to this training meeting (she's a sister training leader. like THE sister training leader) on Wednesday and surprised us that night with an iPad mini in her bag! We get ours tomorrow and I'm so pumped!!! Technology was invented for the spreading of the gospel. That's a fact. So now we're going to have everything on our iPads and it's going to be amazing. We've already used it a ton in lessons and I'm so excited to see the miracles that will come from it! Apparently the missionary department of the church also wants to test out missionaries having iPhones with hotspots, too. All this technology is still in piloting programs and in April all the data they collect will go to the Quorum of the Twelve. How awesome is that?!? It's hastening, folks. Get on board!

Ok, and I have to tell you about the T family. They're a family that lives upstairs in our apartment complex. They're polynesian and awesome. So naturally Sister P has a connection with them. So Brother T is actually a less-active member and after six months of them warming up to Sister P they finally have let us come over and have family prayer with them. The first time we went over we watched the Mormon Message "I Am a Child of God" and it was amazing. The kids are 12,9, and 4. The four-year-old L was bouncing around like four year olds do when we were just talking, but as soon as we turned on the video he was mesmerized. I think at first because it was the tv and he's a kid, but then he got to listening to the music and watching the video and the Spirit really touched him. After it was done he started shouting, "Again, dad! Again!" So we watched it again. Who could refuse that?? Then after the second time watching it we said a prayer with them then left. The next day we found out that that night when Brother T (who is a single dad) went to tuck in his kids at night they were all crying and hugging him because they felt the Spirit when they watched the video and had never felt that way before. They were kind of in shock and didn't really know what to do, but they liked the way they felt. So on Saturday we gave them a church tour (scavenger hunt & iPad included) and taught them about the sacrament and baptism. It was amazing! I love that family!

Also, I just love President Samuelian. Yesterday we were sitting in church on the back row. No investigators there even though we were expecting 4. Yeah it was a bummer. But we saw President Samuelian walk by and wave with a huge smile on his face, so we waved back.Then a few minutes later he walked by again, stopped, walked back to the doorway and mouthed, "I love each one of you three!" smiled, and walked away. Tender mercies, yo! I love that man. And we have interviews with him this week on Thursday. He's the bomb-diggity. 

Well, there's just so much going on in this neck of the Lord's vineyard and I love it. I'm so amazed that the Lord would trust me with His precious children in this area and love that I get to serve them everyday, which is really serving Him. The gospel is great!

Keep it real. 
Be a member missionary. 
Open your mouth and the Lord will fill it!

Love you all,
Sister Baker

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