August 13, 2013 Learning and Preparing for Brazil!

Sister Baker and Sister L in front of the Provo Temple holding the Brazilian Flag


This past week has flown by! Time goes by so weirdly here. (pretty sure I just made up that word) But it's true. Yesterday was seriously like an entire week packed into one day. I'm starting to feel sick. Not good, I know. An elder in my district was bedridden yesterday and I felt so bad for him. Luckily I only have a sore throat and a headache. Mom, I used the doterra oils for my headache and they really helped! So thank you!

This is pretty much how the past week went down:

Wednesday: New missionaries. I felt pretty old and experienced even though I'm still not quite sure what's going on. Sister L and I taught our "investigator" Lucas about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and it went well! I understood most of what he said and I think he understood us. 

Thursday: We committed Lucas to baptism! Hurrah! It was such a good feeling! But, that lesson was so hard for me to teach. For whatever reason I was having a super hard time understanding what he was saying and trying to find the words to explain how I felt. Afterwards I was disappointed with how I did. I guess it's really easy to get discouraged when everyone has such high expectations, and I have even higher expectations for myself. 

Friday: Surprise, surprise. Lucas, our investigator is actually our teacher! His name is Irmao T and is awesome. He actually reminds me of Trevor Jackson in both looks and personality. It's kinda funny. But he's an awesome teacher and told us how much of a spiritual experience for him it was to be taught by us. He shared with us something that he learned about the gift of tongues. He said he always figured that God would change the incorrect words or phrases that missionaries speak in the investigator's heads. But that's not really how it worked for him. He heard the wrong words and phrases we would say, and even when they made no sense at all, the Holy Ghost would help him understand our intentions. It was nice to hear that we actually did a good job.

Saturday: Don't remember much from this day. We did have a stress management class. That was pretty fun. 

Sunday: Sunday Funday!! We heard from the general relief society president, Sister Whixom. She was awesome! So spiritual. And she reminded us how important it is to make a connection with the families we teach, so they know that we really do care about them. Sister L and I are trying to get to know our investigators, but it's hard when we don't know any normal vocabulary. So we just say things like muito bom! And they smile at us because they know we don't really know what they're talking about. 

Monday: LONGEST DAY EVER. Seriously. Sister L and I taught our new investigator Jefferson, who is really Irmao T. I was trying to get to know him better, asking about his family and whatnot. So I asked him where he was from, and all he says is "here." So I'm like "Oh, Provo?" And he looks at me like I'm crazy and says, "No, Brazil!" I was so embarrassed, and we all just started laughing. My Portuguese is getting a lot better. This lesson I understood pretty much everything, and I even understood some words Irmao T had no clue I would know. S. Lewis and I make a good team. She's better at understanding, and I'm better at speaking. Now our goal is to even it out and work on our weaknesses. 

In other news, we went to the temple this morning! It re-opened yesterday and it was awesome to go with all missionaries. 

All of us sisters in my district do visa pushups. Every day. Sometimes we do visa crunches and visa squats, too. Our logic is that if we work hard during gym time and do enough visa pushups, our visas will come! I'm trying to do enough for our whole zone to get theirs. I'll let you know how that goes. Haha

The Elders in our district are a hoot. They keep us laughing all the time. Sometimes it's hard to focus when they're around, so we have to go other places to study, but they're hilarious! Sister Ls and I started writing down their quotes and we've got quite a few ones. Us sisters are also pretty crazy. (But mostly me and Sister L. The Elders admitted we're their favorites. haha) We are always calling each other IIIIIIIIIIIRMAAAAAAAA! (That means sister) in a really creepy voice, and the Elders have started to join in. I would say our efforts are a success. 

Elder E: *after making a biting motion in thin air* "I just felt like biting his nose off." 

Elder O: *talking about praying during a lesson* "I couldn't think of anything else to say, so I just went uuuuuuuummmm." (read that like a soulful preacher)

Elder O: "Dude! My brother looks like a Keebler elf!"

Elder E: "Oh relief society... the society you go to to relieve yourself." 

Sister L: "We're the Estados-Unidos but we're separados if you know what I mean." 

Mo Vangkue from Albelmarle Ward is in the classroom down the hall from me! It's cool to see her all the time. 

Oh! About devotional last week! It actually wasn't Elder Christofferson. The Elders lie to us sometimes, apparently. : ) But I think tonight's devotional will be a high up general authority because our devotional is going to be broadcast to all the other MTCs! I'm singing in the choir, so I'm super pumped for that!

I think one of the biggest things I learned was that nothing will stop the work from going forth. This is the Lord's work and no matter who tries or how hard they try to stop the truth, it's still going to happen! That's why God is helping us missionaries so much. He knows that we have an amazing work to perform for Him, and is going to help us every step of the way. I mean how else would 18, 19, and 20-year old's be able to pick up on crazy ridiculously hard languages in such a short amount of time?! Heavenly Father has people that He's preparing for us to teach, so He's helping us get where we need to be for His children. 

Well I'm going to try to send some pictures today! But I love you, and thanks for the dearelder.com letters! They are amazing! When I get more than one, I tell everyone in my district that they're from my various boyfriends. haha.

 peace & blessings

Sister Baker
 Sister missionaries in Katie's MTC district.  They are all going to Brazil.

Elder P and Elder C both got their visas last week. I don't think they did nearly enough visa pushups, but that's just me. This is the IIIIIIIIIRMAAAAAAA face.

Elder C!!! My BYU FHE brother. Denmark is getting a good missionary. And Sister M had to be in the picture because elders and sisters can't be in a picture together by themselves.

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